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Of quality of service of hotel star class " gold standard "

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Gold standard 2: Always offerring what use to the guest must be effective
Effective it is the core demand that the guest serves to restaurant. What restaurant serves is effective, behave above all those who be facilities facilities is effective. This wants with respect to the functional layout of requirement restaurant reasonable, establishment wants form a complete set, equipment wants in good condition, move it is normal to want, use should go to the lavatory. According to author investigation, current, our country comparatives restaurant existence of the amount is a few more the following problem: Installation of design of system of restaurant air conditioning is unreasonable, if design of area control system is unreasonable, often want to leave together, want to close together, the air conditioning noise of assembly room is too big, the system of ventilated take a breath of dining-room is poorer wait; The sound insulation effect of guest room not beautiful, big, effect differs the ventilator noise of toilet; Guest room issues blemish of existence of water system all on toilet, if enter the water not free, current of lavatory water halter is previous, bathroom shower nozzle gives water too " tender " , water is warm make " malaria " etc; The circuit design of guest room and switch installation are very not reasonable, if did not install UPS electrical outlet and guest,install the position with socket unreasonable, the guest is used extremely no-go, "Do not disturb please " , " please fast clean " indicator light often is shown innocently, feeling switch uses inconvenience, make the guest has " take a part of the whole " feeling; The shower device of some restaurant is too sophisticated, the guest needs to consider a long time to just find way to do sth; The TV channel setting of some restaurant is without regulation, and existence heavy stage and empty table appearance, when choosing a station, person inviting a customer feels water of a mist; The phone ringing sound of some restaurant and door ring are too noisy, make the guest often has the feeling of fright. Behave next those who be restaurant things is effective. The things that this is about to beg restaurant should satisfy the guest's requirement on the amount, want to accord with the requirement that functional sex and content are worth somewhat on quality, putting on want convenient guest to use. What at present the stranger things of our country restaurant executes mostly is standardization, if size of bathrobe, slipper, pillow is tall low, this is met necessarily to comparativing one part guest brings a lot of inconvenience. In addition, a few restaurant for managing cost, the quality of guest room things is very not good, say like the weight inside guest room often the error is bigger, differ 1-2 jin pure it is normal to belong to, deviation 7-8 jin also be by no means day of Fang Yetan; The one-time things quality that is like guest room again is inferior, use inconvenience not only or unwell, have caustic guest health even. In be being decorated as to eat stage and assembly room, stay to the guest carelessly have enough space, it is to gave a guest to leave a lot of inconvenience more. Behave again those who be service rules is effective. The setting that this asks restaurant serves an item should reach the designated position, the arrangement of serve time wants reasonable, the design that serves a program wants science, the choice that serves kind wants appropriate, serve a standard make should measurable, the service skill of employee wants adroitness. Current, the service rules of our country restaurant is like have too dogmatic ill will. The author thinks, restaurant serves pair of guests and word general interest can divide it is two kinds: What him guest needs a kind, the heart is a nucleus that can say serves, be like neat, comfortable, halcyon, secure guest room; Another kind is him guest does not need, but the course that should get core serves place to need to experience, can say serve to assist, if total stage is entered,live recieve service, guest room to make room service. To latter, the guest asks to jump over commonly fast, more concise better. However, at present our country restaurant assists service flow to remain to be optimized further, if total stage recieves service flow, total stage of a lot of restaurant sets numerous post, cent belongs to different branch, shift must be controlled when this makes the guest deals with stop add and brought a lot of inconvenience to the guest, and make the guest awaits time to grow too. Be like what can take the place of with " one-stop " service, can bring a lot of to the guest.
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