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Of quality of service of hotel star class " gold standard " (1)

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Gold standard 3: Colour becomes warped  road walks to step on  to embed toad of  of bursa of lens of  of Yan of confused of  of center channel Ling before Mei of A Chinese-style unlined garment of alarm of leg of Mao └  seeks box Long
"Safe " , namely the safety that the environment that restaurant place provides, establishment, things and service must assure guest person, belongings and psychology. Safety is the demand of lowermost administrative levels of the guest. Want to ensure the guest's safety, want to assure the security of facilities facilities above all, the equipment installation that for instance science decorates device of design, perfect fire control establishment, effective guard against theft, standard safely. Current, a few restaurant of our country basically put in the following problem: Dan Moming of crisscross of discretion of the ground, passageway shows a sign; Fire control passageway is shut or jam, urgent and safe scattered directive indicates installation is non-standard or be out of order; Switch of cold hot air conditioning receives halter of cold hot water of guest room toilet and guest room instead, toilet bath crock is not had prevent slippery mat; The business branch such as meal, guest room lacks enough alexipharmic facilities facilities to wait. Want to assure the effectiveness of safety administration next, the safety management system that perfects scientificly for instance, effective safety is on guard measure. Want to assure the security of the service again, be like scientific and equitable operating rules, the service way that human nature changes, respect the guest's privacy, the illicit close sex that assures guest room. Operating rules of a few hotel guest room are at present medium, the things such as water cup sets in what clean inside guest room, make a guest very hard have the feeling that be at ease; Total stage and guest room will live casually inn guest information is informed call in the move that the guest, guest when cleaning guest room does not prove a room to get stuck to make a guest very hard have security into the room; The optional alter in restaurant menu and the sense that make a guest very hard have credit without announcement current price.
Gold standard 4: Always the kind courtesy that meal counterjumper is versed in to entertaining a guest the person must be kind courtesy is restaurant the main demand to manner of customer service Wu.
Its basically behave expression of the countenance in employee, language and conduct behavior 3 respects.
The countenance of employee, riant service is the basiccest principle from beginning to end. But having a smile merely is insufficient, the smile serves, the United States bearings in appearance, expensive in enthusiastic sincerity, be in again the technology is professional, communicate in communication opportunely. That is to say, riant service should bearing to be united with the appearance of oneself, should have to the guest at the same time send the warmth from the heart, complementary with downy, friendly, enthusiastic, friendly look, communicate in time in the service with the guest, ability laugh gets nature, laugh self-confidently, the guest looks ability is kind and courteous.
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