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Break astral class public house " lifelong make "

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Astral class hotel is about to be faced with a final examination. The review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court of restaurant of the total 2006 level that save a bit that held in Chengdu on June 3 arouses congress comes out message, came in June between September, my province will be right save hotel of class of more than 160 star to undertake large-scale investigate completely, come from travel management department, hotel guild, provincial tens of renown star class of the member that college and social star are judged evaluate personnel, will not greet sb enter complete province public house, go around and inquire, examine soft hardware to amount to bid situation, dark visit a result to will serve as a hotel whether the year that retains astral form examines reference, with promoting astral class the maintenance of the hotel, level of management further, break astral class public house " lifelong make " .

Wholesome, maintain two bank

Astral class restaurant is the window of tourism, matter to me to save pair of appearances of tourism to resemble. In recent years, as tourism revive, hotel of the total level that save a bit develops nearly 200, but level of sanitation of astral class hotel is low differ with care and maintenance, especially the problem of inferior hotel highlights class of a few stars.

According to a Ceng Can and examined line of business wife person introduces, the restaurant with inferior class of a few stars, clean sanitation is most let poll ache. Main show puts messy, seeper in the kitchen, chef does not wear coverall, do not wear a cap to leaving long fingernail to wait even, guesthouse corridor, toilet is put in wholesome blind angle, building sanitation is not complete, discrepant flavour, periphery of some astral class restaurant still have the midge fly of large area to flutter. The individual that is sanitation of sanitation of Wu of these food sanitation, kitchen sanitation, room, environment and service personnel is wholesome, made the general weak point of restaurant of class of a few small bits. A data shows, some city was checked greatly to sanitation of astral class restaurant last summer, the result suffers restaurant of class of 20 of check small bits, amount to mark truly not as good as 50% . Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, a lot of guests live the discretion that inn may not care about hotel itself class, dan Qingjie sanitation is their main demand however, also be the important sign that measures an area to recieve a level.

The maintenance of astral class hotel, also be to often let person bad-mouth. From the information that hotel industry feedbacks, boss of a lot of hotels be willing to part with or use includes to transform in the appearance of the hotel on devoted, spend big price, but hate to part with beautiful money to maintain however. Hotel of class of a few stars especially the hotel with astral inferior class, wall paper flakes, sofa damaged, lamplight not bright, conduit jams, can be found everywhere almost, someone says such hotel to be: Treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them. The member that a star is judged ever saw in place of hotel saw with one's own eyes, clerk cleanness carpet need not cleaner and with broom, the result sweeps nap; Clean stainless steel establishment need not special " molten steel " , and add household cleanser with water, stainless steel was corroded instead. These " movement " although the surface appears it seems that,cost was reduced a few, shortened greatly actually the service life of facilities facilities, also give guest class low sense.
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