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Urumqi 5 restaurant are picked star

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Recently, committee of assess of class of Urumqi city star according to " of class of travel hotel star delimit dispenses assess " restaurant of class of all to whole town star has the level 2007 year check, punish to disobeying the unit of criterion for evaluation to give.

Committee of astral class assess discovers in check, mohammedan old hotel and stop business of hotel of British river garden are decorated; Black river edifice manages a disorder; Cling to city guesthouse removes; Establishment of food edifice fire control does not accord with the regulation of fire control branch. For this, committee of astral class assess decides to cancel aptitude of restaurant of class of SamSung of Mohammedan old hotel; Cancel cafe of British river garden, Wu He edifice, cling to edifice of city guesthouse, food aptitude of restaurant of 2 stars class.

Introduce according to assess commission chief, new " class of travel hotel star delimits dispenses assess " cancelled astral course lifelong make, travel restaurant uses the period of efficacy of astral class to be 5 years. Project of the building of restaurant, accessary establishment, service must accord with safe, fire control, wholesome, environmental protection to wait for active country to concern code and standard to just have application with moving management astral class qualification. Right already the restaurant of assess star class, assess orgnaization has review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court every year, every receives admonitory notice 3 times inside a year above or notice of criticism the restaurant of two above, orgnaization of astral class assess will be reduced or cancel its star course, announce to the society. Be reduced or cancel the restaurant of astral class, the sun that be reduced oneself or cancels astral course rises one year inside, do not grant to restore or class of new assess star, after a year, just can apply for afresh.