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Big public house of embellish of Guangdong Zhuhai new common by pick off 2 stars

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Judge on the honor that astral class is a hotel, and hang " of " star class to also be not get sth done once and for ever. Recently, bureau of Guangdong province tourism was announced " check of restaurant of class of star of 2007 year Guangdong handles list " , in all class of 63 4 stars and the following hotel are cancelled astral class, among them Zhuhai on an a list of names posted up of " of hotel of 2 stars class that the name is Xin Hengrun big public house famous " . The reporter confirms this one information from city tourism bureau yesterday, understand, city of the Zhuhai in year already made the decision that cancels astral course to this hotel this year.

According to the report, in confirm this hotel is picked by " after astral " , reporter and this hotel get in touch, the other side still calls him the unit is " standard of " of 2 stars class.

"Pick astral " :  of cheese of  of shipboard of  of annulus of  of branny paper ㄖ

As we have learned, the class of assess basis star of astral class hotel how many and different, committee of assess of province star class entrusts city class to undertake assess under SamSung, 4 stars class by provincial assess, 5 stars class by national assess. Begin from 2004, national tourism bureau broke astral class public house lifelong make, and before this Zhuhai also is met every year each index such as quality of establishment of the establishment of the hotel, wholesome to astral class environment, fire control, service undertakes check examine, report check result committee of assess of class of star of province travel hotel, committee of assess of class of star of province travel hotel parts the basis about the regulation the accord warning announcement, notice of criticism, processing that reduce or cancels astral course.

"It is not the unit of class of the first star be cancellinged. "Sectional staff member expresses related city tourism bureau, the Xin Hengrun big public house that enters check of restaurant of class of star of "2007 year Guangdong this to handle list " is not the hotel of class of first star of Zhuhai city be cancellinged, this hotel is in the city of 2006 year Zhuhai that the end of the year had last year when check of astral class restaurant, because partial building does not accord with fire control to ask, put in safe hidden trouble, basis of committee of assess of class of Zhuhai city star " of class of travel hotel star delimit dispenses assess " regulation, made the decision that cancels astral course to this hotel, reported this circumstance to save one class.

Meanwhile the reporter understands, according to the country tourism bureau sets, be reduced or cancel the restaurant of astral class, since the day that be reduced oneself or cancels astral course do not grant to restore inside a year or class of new assess star, a year rear can file astral form afresh.

The current situation: Simian chart is made an appointment with why 2 stars of? class " hotel
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