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63 hotels of Guangdong are cancelled astral class

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Yesterday, bureau of Guangdong province tourism was announced " check of restaurant of class of star of 2007 year Guangdong handles list " , in all class of 63 4 stars and the following hotel are cancelled astral class, guangzhou and Shenzhen occupy 11 each.

Guangzhou: Big public house of Hua Douhua live abroad, red cotton big public house, jia Yingbin house (all be SamSung) ; Guesthouse of big public house of edifice of leaf of hotel of golden island big public house, business affairs of new Hao bank, gold, burgeoning big public house, Hua Lingmei, An Xun (all be 2 stars) ; Bank river hotel,

An Tailai hotel (all be one star)

Shenzhen: Oriental bead big public house (4 stars) , big public house of happy Hong Ge, Xi Lihu goes vacationing village, Na Ling begs water hill park to go vacationing village, classics is big public house of hotel of grand hotel, fortune, Shenzhen, silver-colored hotel, south oily hotel, .