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Company culture changes 5 element

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Company culture changes 5 element

Contemporary case explains, company culture changes is project of a system, need thinks in the round from strategic height:

It is to change thought. Outstanding company culture is not great mind or canorous catchword, the practice spirit that perserves however. Outstanding company culture coachs the enterprise obtains brilliant operation result below advantage condition not only, more important is fall in inferior position condition or in company error again and again when, also can walking is faltering, can win the contest of Sunday run finally however.

2 it is to change leader consciousness. Truly outstanding company culture is not to need an eye only the leader with ambitious boundless glamour, need them to propose form wholeheartedly for the enterprise however a kind of big and abiding system, either those who let him bring a company is a big and fat fish, let an enterprise find a fished method however.

3 it is to change talent view. Have the company of preeminent company culture, not be the optimal workplace of everybody, the concept system of real company culture once establish, follow church same, hold to oneself view, hope to itself reached goal is very clear, hold the person of the standard that do not wish or does not accord with it far from. The does not accord with standard person to just do not point to an enterprise average employee that points to here or in high-level controller, still include the new leader that the company should take a post immediately, even if was to come the leader with an extraordinary ability, want him not to agree with the concept of the enterprise only, should be rejected like outer. If he is honest very outstanding, can encourage him himself to found oneself enterprise.

4 it is to change profit outlook. Outstanding company culture is not merely in order to seek profit the biggest melt into is principal target, making money is one of targets only, is not all.

5 it is to change company culture view. Company culture is not all-purpose, can solve any problems for the enterprise. Likewise preeminent company may have disparate concept, the company that has outstanding company culture is not successful company certainly. Once,the most important in the enterprise is a concept establish, all behavior of the company must abide by its core value, can gift for core viewpoint of value in enterprise of the moment of truth new meaning, the socialism that has Chinese distinguishing feature like construction is same.