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Of quality of service of hotel star class " gold standard "

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According to Ci Baige of American psychologist conspicuous (the double element of F.herzberg) is academic: Incentive element can arouse the person's enthusiasm, but should make incentive element produces effect, sanitarian element is essential. Restaurant is put in sanitarian element and incentive element likewise in service quality. The service that sanitarian element standardizes namely, incentive element is individuation and super- often change a service. Sanitarian element can make sure the guest won't be dissatisfactory basic perhaps satisfaction, and cannot make a guest completely satisfactory; But in case short of this kind of standard, that guest is met with respect to scarcely satisfactory, cause even complain or lose passenger source.
Alleged restaurant serves quality, be the trait that hotel service activity can achieve formulary effect and contented guest demand and character is integrated. Its are main form by level of Wu of kimono of environmental quality, establishment quality, product quality.
Of hotel service quality " gold standard " it is from the guest angle sets out, the basic requirement that to the environment that restaurant serves, product, personnel 3 respects raise, it is restaurant vision figure, service functional sex and spirit enjoy the standardization with the most substaintial respect to serve a standard. Say " gold standard " , it is general applicability, it is not the service standard that is aimed at restaurant of fast star class technically, however every restaurant ought to be accomplished in the service, and can be accomplished basic standard, mirrorred restaurant to standardize the marrow of the service. 2 it is executive importance, let a guest experience the attitude of attending to guests of kind courtesy in neat and beautiful environment, enjoy safe and active service, this is to make satisfactory requirement mixes the guest to assure basically.
Gold standard one: Always the guest sees must be neat and beautiful
Well-known, the guest knows a restaurant to often begin from the surface, be like restaurant establish face, mesa, metope, end face, ground, face to wait, form the initial feeling to restaurant from this. Neat, namely orderly cleanness; Beautiful, give a guest a kind of beautiful enjoyment namely. It is the restaurant environment, main demand that serves atmosphere, it is the impression of the first vision that gives a visitor.
Neat and beautiful, the inn that must notice restaurant above all allows store appearance, restaurant is decorated want delicate elegance; Adornment is decorated should make the finishing point; Article is put should orderly and orderly; Restaurant environment wants clean and beautiful; Hotel atmosphere wants sleek. At present a few restaurant of our country lack enough attention to this, be like a few restaurant outside wall Neon red light often is short of arm little leg, of all kinds billboard lacks integral design inside inn, and make coarse, with restaurant class not photograph be identical; Of greenery, artwork put lack aesthetic feeling, have the feeling of a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous even; Restaurant lacks fixed position management to of all kinds things, the dinner service that dining-room, assembly room removes, appliance piles up without foreword, serve tool of things, labor to be put at will; In restaurant to a few guests public indelicate bearing action lacks active management, cause restaurant to present the appearance that the disorder can'ts bear. Must note the dress appearance of employee and manner next, the requirement is accomplished dignified, decent and easy. At present the coverall design of our country some restaurant lacks professional aesthetic feeling, the catharsis of coverall maintains very do not reach the designated position, this affects the mood of hotel staff and figure already, affect visual figure of the guest again.
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