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Why does fine number hotel meet with repeatedly " pick a bit "

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To last year since December, the standard that waits for a respect to cannot achieve restaurant of 5 stars class because of quality of facilities facilities, service with hotel of Shenzhen scene a small room asks and make domestic head home by " pick a bit " head, horses of large quantities of hotel confused sift, suffer " pick a bit " . Of course, astral class hotel is picked star, this is in in last few years already not was new issue. But why does the hotel pick a bit repeatedly, it is to be worth a question with hotel soul-searching controller very much. For this, the reporter is aimed at a hotel " pick a bit " made a count:

One, fire control does not amount to mark hotel to pick a bit

Crackajack delegate: Shan head Urumqi

Hotel of class of star of Shan head city answer in reviewing the work, because fire control safety does not amount to mark to be warned or hotel of class of a batch of stars picks a bit. It is reported, because be put in hidden danger of fire control safety,whole town has 5 public houses, already was instructed by orgnaization of public security fire control stop production close down, travel department gives pick a bit, hotel of class of SamSung of its Central Plains 1, former hotel of 2 stars class 2.

6 years, because Urumqi town big public house produces fire, be called in by bureau of this city tourism SamSung class board.

2, service quality coast

Crackajack delegate: Ning Bo

Pick a bit " time of construction of 8 hotel restaurant is earlier, some situation relatively slant, add equipment ageing care and maintenance not to follow to go up and the reason such as service quality coast. Astral class hotel is respectively east big public house of 10 thousand gold, Ci Xi grows Qian Hu big public house of garden of guesthouse of carry guesthouse, Ci Xiheng abundant, Ci Xijia star, peaceful Hai Tianyuan is guesthouse, peaceful.

3, do sth without authorization of guesthouse, hotel changes use

Crackajack delegate: Nanjing

Apricot garden big public house, because need to live,use the guesthouse that welcomes a visitor, public house so, can change oneself block of flats, office building sometimes

4, equipment is serious ageing, manage abnormal

Crackajack delegate: Big talk Guangzhou

Hainan big public house of fontal big public house, Hainan brilliant world, Hainan grows Kaixiwen litre of big public house and Hainan Ao Siluo overcome big public house. Among them Hainan Kaixiwen fontal big public house because fire control establishment is unqualified, hotel facilities facilities is serious ageing, establishment equipment complement is insufficient, manage abnormal, the service is poorer, administrative disorder, be given cancel astral course, call in the punish that astral class indicates; Because astral class indicates operating period is full,Hainan Ao Siluo overcomes big public house 5 years, and already more the name is big talk beautiful holiday hotel, transforming now decorate, by the regulation astral class indicates use nature is stopped, astral class mark gives call in; Big public house of Hainan brilliant world is short of because of necessary project more, facilities facilities is serious ageing, management is confused, sanitation and service quality are poorer, class of star be cancellinged, call in astral class mark; Because manage,Hainan grows litre of big public house abnormal, without follow-up capital investment is transformed, the public house is major facilities facilities already ageing, ministry allocation covers project stop business, fall by SamSung class hotel for hotel of 2 stars class.
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