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Astral class hotel is judged 5 years break lifelong make

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Hotel star class is lifelong make will be broken. Yesterday, national tourism bureau releases a message to say, already the astral class hotel of assess, after expiring 5 years, the ground relative standard has new assess, unqualified demote possibly even.

Official of national tourism bureau introduces, on May 16, 2007, they organize the member that special star is judged, full to the first hotel of 5 stars class has review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court. Subsequently star of national tourism bureau judged the astral commissioner that does 12 to the whole nation to visit town to allot 28 restaurant " advice note of check of sex of assess of restaurant of 5 stars class " . Criticize the requirement of the member that the opinion that do and star are judged according to countrywide star, to the check of these 28 restaurant, take the form of investigate publicly and privately, undertake to 15 hotels respectively dark visit, 13 hotels undertake bright check.

Official of national tourism bureau introduces, break astral rank lifelong those who make is full 5 years period check, advocate if serve quality and culture connotation to rise. In light of the problem that discovers from check, the strength of care and maintenance that basically is centered in facilities facilities still needs to be strengthened further, service personnel is serving detail to go up to still need to rise further to the guest with the standard.