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Management is bad, big talk 6 restaurant are picked star

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Reporter from big talk city 10 days job of check of restaurant of class of 2007 year star sums up the know on congress, in big talk 54 SamSung of 2007 year check reach restaurant of class of the following star in, because the reason such as facilities facilities ageing is cancelled to travel,have hotel of 6 stars class qualification of astral class restaurant.

Check of this second star class is main quality of facilities of the necessary project from astral class restaurant, facilities, maintenance, clean sanitation, service, service and administrative system just face restaurant of each star class 6 times to undertake be checkinged in the round. Be cancelled this to travel 6 restaurant of qualification of astral class restaurant are respectively: Hainan grows bay of gold of litre of big public house, Hainan countryside of big public house of belfry of big public house, big talk, Hainan virtuous big public house of edifice of post and telecommunications of big public house, Hainan and ground of big talk gold. Cancelling astral class reason basically is hotel facilities facilities serious ageing, manage difference of quality of disorder of abnormal, management, service to wait.

As we have learned, up to now restaurant of class of big talk star shares 71, among them restaurant of 5 stars class 5, restaurant of 4 stars class 15, samSung class restaurant 33, restaurant of 2 stars class 18.