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Big public house of the emperor of fierce hill source

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Hotel brief introduction

The emperor big public house is one presses international the new-style concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of build of level of 5 stars grade is luxurious travel hotel, the hotel is located at the world nature with pretty scenery scenery of source of hill of bequest —— fierce scenic spot area hinterland, ancient battlefield of the emperor hill that north relies on ” of “ uncanny workmanship, look out gorge of 100 a unit of length, and communication is very convenience, quick, be apart from the airport, railway station, urban district only Cheng of 30 minutes of cars; Be apart from Zhang Jia the travel scene area such as park of group state forest and hole of treasure peak lake, Huang Long only Cheng of 10 minutes of cars, situation is very advantageous.

The hotel covers an area of 30 mus, building gross area 17 thousand square metre. The exterior is designed and indoor decorate, characteristic of adornment pole rich people. Have of all kinds in high-grade guest room 398 / set, all deserve to modern guest room establishment and broadband get online, let a person's mind of your whole body experience brand-new “E times business affairs travel space ” . Hotel guest room has view scene gazebo basically, every gazebo can see the hill situation with Home Zhang peculiar group directly.

The establishment with luxurious hotel, excellent service, it is you travel, go vacationing, the conference, business affairs, recreation, recreational good land, the emperor person makes with the service with excellent “ guest gets the satisfactory ” of the oldest rate is a tenet, the presence of friend of foreign guest of cordial welcome within the country!

Hotel price

Price of room retail sales (the golden week) group price (5 rooms above) medicinal powder guest price (5 rooms are the following)
The ¥ between standard two-men: 860 yuan / ¥ : 580 yuan / ¥ : 680 yuan /
The ¥ between luxurious two-men: 1168 yuan / ¥ : 780 yuan / ¥ : 880 yuan /
¥ of business affairs flatlet: 1680 yuan / ¥ : 1008 yuan / ¥ : 1008 yuan /
Luxurious flatlet ¥ : 2360 yuan / ¥ : 1688 yuan / ¥ : 1688 yuan /