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Extend of fierce hill source establishs international public house

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Hotel brief introduction

Extend of Home Zhang group establishs international public house is Zhang Jia bound extend establishs orgnaization of group company directly under, it is a costly travel public house that builds by level of 4 stars grade, repose in the groove guard of world natural heritage with pretty scenery developing zone of fierce hill source, from field of airport of Home Zhang group, railway station, urban district only Cheng of 30 minutes of cars, nod from each wonderful scenery only Cheng of 15 minutes of cars, situation is very advantageous, communication is easy. The hotel covers an area of an area to be 12 mus, total acreage 16 thousand square metre, have presidential flatlet, business affairs flatlet, advanced guest room in all 226. The hotel designs ancient sweet patina, establishment is luxurious and top-ranking, the function is all ready. It is the ground of the good choice of activity of travel, business affairs.

Hotel price

Price of room retail sales (the golden week) group price (5 rooms above) medicinal powder guest price (5 rooms are the following)
The ¥ between standard two-men: 880 yuan / ¥ : 420 yuan / ¥ : 480 yuan /
The ¥ between luxurious two-men: 880 yuan / ¥ : 420 yuan / ¥ : 880 yuan /
Luxurious flatlet ¥ : 3680 yuan / ¥ : 2180 yuan / ¥ : 2180 yuan /
Standard big bed is not had yuan / without yuan / without yuan /