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Guesthouse of fierce hill source

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Hotel brief introduction

Guesthouse of fierce hill source is guesthouse of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of a when invest limited company to invest management by astral grade level by travel of beautiful of be an official of Home Zhang group omnibus travel, be located in highway of Ou Wuling of source of hill of fierce of city of Home Zhang group 192, communication is easy, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out. Guesthouse covers an area of 71 mus, floor area amounts to 20 thousand square metre. Guesthouse design is chic and original, charactizing a fine spring day, cabinet of booth of a high building, elegance of of primitive simplicity, it is one of the type of a gardens with scene best area, zoology guesthouse. Advanced, establishment perfects hotel facilities, the function is all ready, have luxurious level between double world, apartment and standard 209, 24 hours supply cold, hot water. Guesthouse has 600 people can at the same time hall of the Chinese meal hall of repast, Western-style food hall, day Han arrange, banqueting hall reachs various lodge. Dish Chinese and Western has both, guesthouse still is had those who hold 400 people is muti_function international conference center and the square of have rich people color culture of large singing and dancing that can hold 600 people, the zoology tea place of business that still has 1200 square metre at the same time and other hairdressing beautify hair, card pulls OK city, sauna to massage, the form a complete set such as center of trailer coach team, shopping bazaar, business affairs serves everything needed is ready. Already became beauty spot of fierce hill source at present market room, meal, travel goes vacationing, recreational recreation, song and dance, shop the place of ideal threshing ground that is an organic whole.

Building of Chinese redbud of guesthouse of fierce hill source

Hotel price

Price of room retail sales (the golden week) group price (5 rooms above) medicinal powder guest price (5 rooms are the following)
The ¥ between standard two-men: 580 yuan / ¥ : 240 yuan / ¥ : 300 yuan /
The ¥ between luxurious two-men: 580 yuan / ¥ : 240 yuan / ¥ : 300 yuan /
Luxurious flatlet ¥ : 1680 yuan / ¥ : 880 yuan / ¥ : 880 yuan /
¥ of mark of a person of extraordinary powers of Chinese redbud building: 960 yuan / ¥ : 440 yuan / ¥ : 480 yuan /