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Guesthouse of water of Hunan of fierce hill source

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Hotel brief introduction

Guesthouse of water of Hunan of fierce hill source is company of tap water of the Changsha City, Hunan Province water assist, the the Changsha City promotes aquatic work to serve worker of company of company, tap water of the Changsha City to invest jointly, be located at the world nature with pretty scenery area of source of hill of fierce of bequest protection ground. Guesthouse always covers an area of a face to accumulate 13.5 mus, total acreage is 15 thousand square metre, have luxurious flatlet, luxurious level, ritzy odd world in all 94. Guesthouse exterior design has distinguishing feature of West Hunan nation alone, guest room establishment has level of hotel of 5 stars class, dining-room can accommodate 200 people repast at the same time, to it bazaar of house of the Western-style food hall of form a complete set, recreational center, full line, par, motorcade can offer the most substantial enjoyment for you, muti_function the ground of the optimal choice that auditoria is activity of your travel business affairs. Guesthouse with top-ranking hardware equipment, the service that all-around, human nature changes builds the feeling that come home for you hard. Enter gate of ” of “ Hunan water, you are our exalted guest, cordial welcome ” of water of Hunan of your choice “ is in the home in travel of Home Zhang group as you, if in this home you have any inconvenience to although say with us,be asked, if have,recieve not the place of week already asked you to raise precious opinion more, so that we improve inadequacy in the job henceforth, a healthy, warmth that makes us collective if spring. Wish you enter Hunan water guesthouse to live happy, all things is gotten the better of meaning. The family that also hopes to time takes you at the same time, friend, colleague often answers ” of “ Hunan water this home goes, have a look. ” of “ Hunan water at any time respectful Hou your presence.

Hotel price

Price of room retail sales (the golden week) group price (5 rooms above) medicinal powder guest price (5 rooms are the following)
Luxurious double room ¥ : 680 yuan / ¥ : 240 yuan / ¥ : 300 yuan /
Standard double room is not had yuan / without yuan / without yuan /
Luxurious flatlet ¥ : 1280 yuan / ¥ : 880 yuan / ¥ : 880 yuan /
Standard big bed is not had yuan / without yuan / without yuan /