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Fierce hill source big public house of gorge of 100 a unit of length

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Hotel brief introduction

Hotel of gorge of 100 a unit of length is a restaurant of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that presses build of level of national star grade, repose in the world nature with pretty scenery beauty spot of source of bequest fierce hill area of scene of gorge of 100 a unit of length, situation is advantageous, communication is very easy.

The hotel covers an area of 10000 more than square metre, floor area 9000 square metre, the design is chic and original, build elegance of of primitive simplicity, it is distinguishing feature of building of home of territory of a market and modern breath the journey that is an organic whole recieves a place. Advanced, establishment perfects hotel facilities, the function is all ready. Have costly bid room, luxurious inner room more than 230. Be known as hotel of zoology of “ green environmental protection ” .

Dining-room of Chinese and Western, banqueting hall, coffee hall and various balcony, can enjoy at the same time for 500 people; Have those who hold 300 more than person is muti_function auditoria and exhibition hall; Center of musical teahouse, business affairs, shopping bazaar, health care is recreational the everything needed is ready such as the center. It is the sweet home of tourist of China and foreign countries, it is to recieve the conference, travel to go vacationing, the good place that recreational recreation, business affairs negotiates.

Believe in of hotel of gorge of 100 a unit of length: “ guest is consummate, sincere letter is the tenet of this ” , wish to cooperate with sincerity of tourism group colleague, achieve happiness in all hand in hand tomorrow.

Hotel price

Price of room retail sales (the golden week) group price (5 rooms above) medicinal powder guest price (5 rooms are the following)
The ¥ between standard two-men: 888 yuan / ¥ : 400 yuan / ¥ : 460 yuan /
Do not have between luxurious two-men yuan / without yuan / without yuan /
Luxurious flatlet ¥ : 2880 yuan / ¥ : 1880 yuan / ¥ : 1880 yuan /
Standard big bed is not had yuan / without yuan / without yuan /