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38 each great respect areas are ready!

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As the advent of International Working Women's Day, the reporter understands from each great respect area yesterday, each scene area rolled out a series of indulgence activities in the light of ladies.

Chinese the Dead Sea is " want you good-looking "

The characteristic heat of Chinese the Dead Sea bleachs the effect that has step-down recover from fatigue, float one hour to be equivalent to Morpheus effect 8 hours; Bittern hot spring is contained mineral and rich, improve the health; Beautiful skin of constant temperature black mud discharges poison, gout is boundless. 38 during, chinese the Dead Sea is rolled out especially " namely ' should you are good-looking ' " 38 indulgence collect. On March 7, 9 days, to the female tourist of amuse oneself of Chinese the Dead Sea, can participate in lottery activity by entrance ticket, the dew of bath of series of salt of the Dead Sea that lucky tourist will obtain Chinese the Dead Sea or shampoo 1 bottle. In the meantime, all sorts of fitness appliance inside scene area, move the athletic project such as feeling bicycle and ping-pong to also be opened freely for female tourist. The female tourist that experiences beautiful skin black mud in house of black mud experience still can be obtained give value side of 30 yuan gold of Chinese the Dead Sea velar mud 1.

Hua Yingshan crosses a characteristic 38

Area of scene of China Ying hill is in 38 characteristic activity was rolled out during the section, let a tourist cross 38 different.

As we have learned, the tourist can see the of countless marvellous spectacle cave inside gorge of karst landforms fault and fall not only in area of scene of stone forest of Hua Yingshan nature group, also can visit headquarters of carline of double gun of ground of red cliff revolution. It is reported, on March 7, 9 days, scene area rolled out bag of festal great gift in the light of female tourist: Female tourist can look around freely " memorial hall of Hua Yingshan guerrilla " " museum of Hua Yingshan geology " and " house of waxwork of celebrity of Hua Yingshan China and foreign countries " ; Every female can carry a height freely 1.4 meters of the following children visit scene area; In addition, during the activity, every 16 people above all can enjoy entrance ticket from group group 7.5 lose privilege.

Female tourist of channel of 9 stockaded village plays freely

This year is groove guard of nature of level of state of channel of 9 stockaded village holds water 30 years, to celebrate international International Working Women's Day, management board of channel of 9 stockaded village decides, the lady that travelled to area of scene of channel of 9 stockaded village that day on March 8, will avoid buy entrance ticket.