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Travel market: Triangular bream of of Tiao of cough of summerly over sixty year

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Recently, the reporter visits market of Harbin city travel to understand, after the Spring Festival passes in March, should be travel market originally is off-season, but each travel agent because of the one old people in approving sign up and appear off-season not weak, some travel agent " silver hair is round " the 60% above that hold its portfolio. For this, each travel agent is rolled out in succession the line that provides specific aim more and " have the doctor that follow a group " wait for close service, the old age in be being attracted further gives the person that go.

"We from March Home Zhang group was rolled out first, Kunming travel line, advertisement ascends the following day a few people telephone seek advice, already 20 much people sign up now, it is old people of 669 years old. Still the citizen signed up for 82 years old of senile parents 1 day that day join group of Xin Matai journey. At present ' silver hair is round ' the 60% above that business already held portfolio. " the staff member of haing city some travel agent says to the reporter.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, after the Spring Festival passes, as the fall of charge of traffic, room, travel value plunges generally. Add tourist of each tourist attraction opposite less, travel environment is comfortable, climate is appropriate, suit old people to go out particularly row. For the circuitry that old people travel rolls out, general on scheduling last a period of time is longer, use the traffic means that takes the train, ship more. "Look from travel circuitry, the circuitry that lies fallow relatively easily relatively accept old people favour. " sign up for the brigade that amount to a country the staff member tells a reporter, what the person that sign up now pays close attention to most is itinerary arrangement, comfortable degree, the price is next. The fierce lady that signing up for parents expresses, although increasing a doctor to accompany,protect after waiting for a service, travel quote rises somewhat, but as a result of more convenient and seasonable patronize an old person, family can be accepted to this.