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Make group of transportation of plain change travel as soon as possible

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"Travel economy should grow, traffic must go ahead of the rest. " hill of eyebrow of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, high mountain is in charge of appoint Ma Yuanzhu of secretary of conference Party committee yesterday (when 5) day is accepting this network reporter special report, express, hill of high mountain eyebrow will make the group of transportation of two gold travel to Chongqing and Chengdu with all one's strength, produce the radiation action that road network brings adequately, make mountain of high mountain eyebrow western travel develops an upland.

Digital technology creates mountain of eyebrow of zoology high mountain

"Develop travel resource, must be premise with environmental protection. " Ma Yuanzhu says. He sees very gladly, the governmental working report this year put environmental protection more significant position. This also lets him realise environmental protection and source of brigade idle fund can last more soberly is the relation of a kind of mutual depend on sb or sth for existence between development.

Current, hill of high mountain eyebrow has used digitlization technology, achieved the automation administration of scene area, to protecting an environment, reduced specific power consumption to have positive effect. "But this is far insufficient still from the requirement of environmental protection. " he expresses, next, area of scene of hill of high mountain eyebrow still will be thrown gigantic endowment, undertake 24 hours to the rich such as natural resources of the vegetation inside scene area, air, water round-the-clock monitor, in order to strengthen the protection of pair of scene areas, the incident that avoids to destroy travel zoology resource stoutly happens, undertake seasonable early-warning to natural disaster at the same time. On the other hand, scene area will continue to begin the environmental protection, energy-saving work that decrease a platoon, establish the group of zoology environmental protection that covers entire mountain, ensure brigade can last of idle fund source use.

Strengthen road network construction to make travel develop an upland

Ma Yuanzhu expresses, liu Jibao of secretary of provincial Party committee put forward to build western economic progress upland, construction western the strategic program of traffic hub, this develops to Sichuan economy, travel especially economic development especially important.

He expresses, city of hill of high mountain eyebrow will adopt a government to take the kind that stage, enterprise acts in a Chinese opera, eyebrow of main construction high mountain travels twice to Chengdu to eyebrow of Chongqing, high mountain traffic economy circle. Former classics comes from tribute Chongqing, carry join Guangdong Guangxi through aviation, realize the radiate to southeast Asia; Xi'an of join of latter edge Chengdu, build a northwest travel to high mountain eyebrow swift passage. "Two traffic are encircled one south one north mutual echo, can attract more tourists to head for hill of high mountain eyebrow to go sightseeing, much to driving local economy to develop benefit good people. " Ma Yuanzhu says.
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