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Chengdu and Korea begin travel collaboration to push enter a country travel

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A few days ago, group of Chengdu article brigade and Korea are the biggest Hanatour signs viatic business formally about, both sides will develop travel market jointly, advance Chengdu to enter a country travel.

It is reported, there will be tourist of nearly 30 thousand Koreas to take charter flight of 160 more than sortie to travel to Chengdu sightseeing inside this year. Predict the Korea tourist that is travel destination with Chengdu this year will achieve 70 thousand person-time, break up on the foundation last year time.

Introduce according to controller of group of Chengdu article brigade, korea is the Chengdu City enters a country swim ground of main passenger source, korea tourist came 2007 number of travel of the Chengdu City, sightseeing relatively grew compared to the same period 2006 more.