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Travel industry becomes You Yang " two meetings " new heat

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The autonomous county of Miao Zu of in relief the Tujia nationality of Chongqing the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches that has entire county people expects this world sufferring the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches 15 National People's Congress is met 3 times the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of make peace county 11 2 second conferences were held early or late recently. "Inside and outside of two meetings " , comment on behalf of the committee member and unscramble most topic to accelerate the development of travel industry namely,

The " in discussing theme of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to report develops with industry of folk-custom zoology travel, characteristic, the development that help deficient up sets an example, town planning construction attachs most importance to a dot, begin special subject seriously survey and inspect an activity. Regard current the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference as progress of career of travel of this world of stimulative the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches one often grabs indefatigable job, advance the Gu Zhenfeng affection that with Gong Tan ancient town of pool of ancient town, dragon attachs most importance to a dot to travel energetically, with You Yang the most beautiful earthy home village is the folk-custom zoology of carrier to travel, exert oneself lifts You Yang travel to develop new climax, when driving progress of career of travel of this world of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches to obtain the content of new bigger breakthrough " further, speak out freely of committee member attending the meeting, build character to make suggestions in succession. The committee member such as Bai Mingyue, Liu Zhonghua, Ran Sheng suggests, to achieve this one goal, be about to highlight zoology of nature of You Yang " , advantage of resource of ethical culture " , make full use of the countryside " of song of citizen of the countryside that home of " China earth places hand dance, Chongqing and save the earthy home with in good condition the most beautiful " the advantage such as mountain fastness " , ground of do one's best makes text of sufficient ground home, perfect tourism infrastructure construction further. Hit " of plate of home of good " earth, sing theme song of " of noisy " former zoology, nature, attract the world tourist.

In unscramble " governmental working report " in accelerate development travel industry about " , when stimulative tertiary industy carries archives to carry fast " , the delegate such as Chinese week of Ju of prefectural National People's Congress, Wang Ji points out, develop gules tourism energetically, make big base of travel of board battalion health, make core scene division hard. Establish consciousness of folk-custom culture brand, chain of industry of outspread travel culture. Want a travel job to include various and departmental door important the order of the day, firm the " that establishs " of flourishing of " brigade interest in going on an excursion, 100 course of study idea of " of a dish of chesses, want resolved, each linkage, heavy calm is angry, give full cooperation, 100 fold not faze, grab get right on the job really, accomplish a leader to reach the designated position, responsibility reachs the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, advance travel estate development jointly.
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