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A bowl of face calls one hotel of Heibei valence 588 yuan

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Recently, judge the Kunlun big public house of water urban district rolled out Kunlun to come honour face 588 yuan, Bao of braise in soy sauce joins wing abdomen face to wait for a series of day price noodle 488 yuan, let person stare.

Yesterday (8 days) in the morning 11 when 15 minutes or so, the reporter will reach the designated position the Kunlun big public house of way of peace of city of Yu Heng water, walk into the hall, a marked big shop sign greets reporter eye, have above " this inn since this day rolls out classical cooked wheaten food ceremoniously " : The face that make stew in soy sauce " face of abdomen of wing of ginseng of Bao of braise in soy sauce 488 yuan / , face of Bao of highest grade net 368 yuan / , Yuan Zhihe Ma Baoding face 268 yuan / , face of ginseng of green sweet distant 98 yuan / , oyster emperor shark's lip.

According to this hotel a clerk introduces, their public house is built according to the standard of 5 stars class, the classical cooked wheaten food on fascia was rolled out July this year. Mark a price 588 yuan / Kunlun comes honour face burden is very rich, deal is a bowl to restrict 10 centimeters of line of action.

After the reporter shows the capacity, an air hostess called up to profess is the female controller that dining-room is in charge of. Hear a reporter to ask the hotel rolls out this originality, the specific burden of these faces is how, main the person is consumed by what, when how sales volume waits a series of problems a moment at present, this chief says, their manager is absent, the manager that is in charge of meal also is absent, she cannot accept a reporter to interview, also reply not clear these problems, ask reporter sometime to come again. When the connection way that wants her to tell chief when the reporter, this female chief says, their leader goes out not to pick up the telephone, also do not open a mobile phone.

Be opposite when the reporter in this hotel lobby " classical noodle " when fascia takes a picture, do not know to stem from why to plant reason, that female controller let a clerk remove propagandist paper rapidly.

Subsequently, the reporter understands from concerned branch, original price branch executes wool interest rate to control to the price of meal course of study. From 2002, my province unlocked prices to be opposite the price control of meal course of study, undertake modulatory by the market completely, prices branch has administration to execute the law no longer to the price discretion of meal course of study influence, want operator to mark a price to commodity plain code only, it is reasonable and lawful.