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Triumphant abroad and bridal product drives the stay away from home that scatter

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As the Olympic Games year arrival, hold bridal youth increase, doing wedding breakfast in home before is sweethearts people first selection, and nowadays overseas does wedding to had become a kind of fashion, be approved gradually and choose this kind of way. Triumphant the brigade that scatter a country accordingly timely roll out " my abroad wedding -- triumphant scatter series of travel romance wedding " product.

This wedding series basically includes: "Island, lakefront, castle " 3 big themes. Distinction and before honeymoon swims, this 3 big bridal round individual choice hold low of A Er of Sikana, Switzerland in the palm in Greek Aegean, Italy this hold royal and bridal ceremony. Professional cameraman, gauze of true condition marriage photographs, wedding shows a record, body reveals travel wedding the special charm of this kind of new product.