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Smooth cool city makes Kong cave mountain world tourism high-quality goods

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The course leaves old arduous effort on whole town, area of scene of Kong cave hill has made the key view with Gansu Province and even important northwest scenic spot area and travel of mark sex characteristic are famous scene area. From May 1986, hu Yaobang of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China inspects before smooth cool when the holograph inscribes a book " Kong cave hill " since, kong cave hill obtained national emphasis scenery early or late scenic spot first 5A of area, China park of geology of stage travel area, country, " Chinese client 10 old satisfactory views scenic spot classify " , " Chinese travel industry brand of 10 large force " , " China is worth a foreigner most. Pass attestation of international of system of quality of ISO9001, ISO14001, environment management smoothly in October 2002; On July 26, 2003, kong cave hill published national calling card again, this provides representative landscape most by Kong cave hill -- of the city of dry moat outside a city wall, gorge that play kite, tower courtyard and thunder peak composition " Kong cave hill " special type stamp is me grotto of Mo Gao hole of the Dunhuang that save afterwards, Mai Jishan and after fine valley closes a tower over a city gate, ascended " national calling card " .

Since 2000, the our city increases the capital investment of areas of pair of scene of Kong cave hill ceaselessly, raise money in all early or late construction financing more than yuan 160 million, strive for actively two period national debt capital 68.47 million yuan, finished Kong cave hill infrastructure. The car of sightseeing of travel special railway line that opened nonstop scene area. Area of scene of Kong cave hill built passenger transport station, configuration environmental protection is special car 15, basically swim in scene area footpath and visit circuit bifurcate mouth to establish traffic to indicate a shop sign 42, new setting is communal information graphic symbol indicates many 300. After scene area hill ticket dot was installed Chinese and English contrast panoramic graph, scenery introduces the conduct a sightseeing tour card, information was installed to touch screen in tourist service center, to scene area project of service facilities function, setting, service made comprehensive introduction, newer travel publicizes a data, net of travel of hill of correcting Kong cave, with link of famous network photograph, provided the calm ticket professional work on the net for tourist and citizen; To promote a country area of 5 class scene further---Of Kong cave hill famous degree, let more people understand Kong cave hill, approach Kong cave hill, provide a convenient and quick inquiry platform for the tourist, recently, management board of Kong cave hill passes center of information of Chinese internet network (the attestation company that CNNIC) announces is registered formally debutted " wireless network address " service. Henceforth, no matter be shift, UniCom,still be small well-informed, editor " Kong cave hill " send 916076 or 9588076(0.10 yuan / ) the brief introduction that can understand Kong cave hill at any time and place, tourist attraction introduction and fare inquiry, seek advice complain, the tourist leaves a message wait for information.
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