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Rural environment pollutes prevention and cure to pay close attention to urgentl

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Draft resolution name: Strengthen environment of our country country to pollute prevention and cure energetically

Proposer: Civilian build in the center of

Draft resolution setting: At present progress of society of our country economy is standing the enormous pressure that resources environment cost brings greatly too, with the environment of industry and city pollution administers degree photograph to compare, rural environment pollutes a problem to be highlighted particularly. Can last what the current situation that rural environment pollutes restricted agriculture to produce to increase the appropriate protection with rural zoology environment of income of development, farmer steadily, must be known from strategic height and strengthen the prevention and cure that pollutes to environment of our country country.

Draft resolution summary:

One, the overall condition that understands environment of our country country, work out " prevention and cure of pollution of national country environment plans " . Should launch the full-scale investigation of states of pair of quality of environment of our country country as soon as possible, make a thorough investigation of include rural soil, water and air inside the circumstance of quality of element of rural basic environment, sort of degree of limits of type of the overall condition that masters quality of countrywide country environment well and truly in the round, pollution, distributinging characteristic, pollution, pollution, pollution reachs its origin, weave on this foundation " prevention and cure of pollution of national country environment plans " .

2, economy of development agriculture loop, raise agriculture to produce technical standard. Should accelerate promotion managing model technology, had carried out fertilization of the recipe that measure land in the round, mechanization of promotion chemical fertilizer is applied greatly, essence of life changes the technology such as fertilization, diagnostic fertilization and water fat unifinication definitely. Accelerate the research and development of efficient and managing machinery, use new breed of pesticide of efficient low poison, low remain, popularize technology of small size sparge. Develop rural methane project energetically, supply center of the sources of energy of farm building cleanness, organic fertilizer center and litter handling center. Zoology of executive dimensions agriculture is built. Cleanness of active promotion agriculture is produced, will execute agricultural cleanness production to bring into national economy to develop a program.

3, the consciousness of rural environmental protection that enhances whole society, foster the habits and customs with farmer good masses. Should change the country lavatory as improvement rural environment sanitation and disease prevent measure of pilot effect a permanent cure, the village that masses of active exploration farmer manages independently protects clean mechanism, to the country life rubbish fulfils calm aspect generally enclosed caboodle collect, conditional area should be popularized " the village is collected, villages and towns is carried, the county is handled " processing mode.
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