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Burn weed to develop scene area to did not think burn-up a forest

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Yesterday afternoon, town cloud resides even Jiang Dongdai hillock to go up abrupt be on fire, officers and soldiers of local frontier defence spent half hours of ability to put out conflagration with around masses. The arson suspect that is arrested says, he wants to be burned on hill originally give a ground to develop scene area.

According to present eyewitness king some introduces, yesterday afternoon 3 when make 30 minutes, he is planting dish in the foot of a hill, see suddenly catch fire on hill, and fire burns bigger more, he is anounced quickly to frontier defence of Lian Jiangdong another name for Taishan Mountain alarm. Receive alarm hind, this officers and soldiers is driven instantly go to the spot. In the spot, because air temperature is higher that day, dry of content of the ten Heavenly Stems, conflagration is rapid to all around the forest spreads. Spread further to prevent igneous situation, this officers and soldiers is in with the around masses that comes subsequently instantly spot open up wide the segregation belt that makes an appointment with 3 meters, use the tool cut out an engine such as branch, shovel. Through the effort of nearly half hour, conflagration is put out.

Subsequently, through investigation, frontier defence officers and soldiers seized a surname old arson suspect. According to Introduction Chen Mou, he wants to develop scene area on hill, with respect to the weed near incendiary burn-up, unexpectedly control does not stay in igneous situation, led to conflagration. At present Chen Mou already police is detained.

Fire frequency was sent recently

On March 3, always peaceful 2 in conflagration happens on the edge, the minatory gas station on the side reachs transformer substation.

On March 3, beauty spot of hill of Fujian Hou banner produces fire.

On March 3, xia Mao of sanded county of 3 bright city's alcalde mounds the village breaks out conflagration, die when 5 people put out a fire.

On March 1, fuzhou rouses mountain to break out silvan conflagration, ham area makes an appointment with 30 mus.