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Strengthen island to develop protective management

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Proposer: China sends committee of fair the Party Central Committee

Since the later period in last centuries, especially " U.N. ocean convention " after become effective, the world each are coastal the country pays close attention to marine resource and marine rights and interests more, adjust marine policy, strengthen ocean management, expand marine work team, this already made world trend. Our country already will " executive ocean is developed " rise abruptly as peace main component of the strategy.

As the buildup of consciousness of power of international society sea, the maritime territory that has both as sea land -- the central point that island already made collective attention. Basis " U.N. ocean convention " regulation: The dominion of an island reef is attributive and OK the territorial sea dominion that decides to have 1550 square kilometer (the area) that is equivalent to a small-sized county, the biology inside an exclusive economic zone that can maintain the islands that the mankind lives or the economy of its itself lives to be able to have kilometer of 430 thousand square and this area and blame biology resource, tell from this meaning, defending island safety is the safety that defends marine land.

Our country has the sea area of kilometer of 3 million square, the island that the area exceeds 500 square metre has 7300 many, in 500 square metre the following island has on 10 thousand about, this is the main base of 3 million square kilometer maritime space of establish our country.

In recent years, national concerned department and coastal province city are mixed in island development, protection administrative field did a large number of works, gained remarkable success.

(One) island development, protection and management are pilot the job obtains result. 20 centuries since 90 time, national ocean bureau investigates working foundation integratedly to go up in countrywide island, built 3 batches of island early or late development, protection and management are pilot, effectively drove what local island protection, development and government work to begin, promoted the rapid development of island economy.

(2) the island protection of country and local level and system of system of benefit use regulation begin to build. 2003, ministry of national ocean bureau, civil administration and combination of the headquarters of the General Staff were promulgated " without dweller island protection and use management to set " , strengthen the effective protection that does not have dweller island and reasonable development, bring into the development that does not have dweller island, protection and management law to change course, treat an island lawfully to come true, was in charge of an island to lay solid foundation lawfully.

(3) built large quantities of one island nature groove guard in succession, make marine resource gets effective protection.

However, as in recent years rapid development of economy is mixed of rich in short supply, development uses the phenomenon that does not have dweller island to be in a few foreland are increasing, the island protection of our country, development and management also face a few problems that solve urgently.
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