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The jest of a word makes you straight do not have a small of the back

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1. leading cadre: Comrades are good! Soldier: The leading cadre is good! The leading cadre pats the bosom of one soldier to say: This muscle drills much weller! Soldier: Report leading cadre, I am female soldiers!

One farmer of 2. asks vet to give a pig hybridization, vet says: Look need artificial hybridization. Farmer hesitated a long time, hearten say: It is to go all right, be afraid that it bites me.

3. the somebody on the bus fart. Gob of mouth of one coquettish woman, "Bah -- bah -- bah -- " . Have man way: How, ate fart to still say case? !

4. a day, 0 with 8 encounter on the street, 0 those who distain looked 8 to say: Fat fat, still fasten what pants belt!

5.The man that a sister-in-law sees on the bus one is about to get off dropped bag smoke to be on footplate, say to that man rapidly then: Comrade, your smoke was dropped! Male National People's Congress is angry: You ability castrate of spay was dropped!

6. some countrywoman goes into town first, be about to go up toilet, a long time was not encountered, but appeal police: Comrade, there is a public toilet in front, is excuse me mother lavatory in?

7. campus new student: The student that answer of fail to go up to the next grade reads cries " student studying abroad " , the rich student in the home cries " Gao Caisheng " , attend class the student of catnap cries " be born especially tiredly " .

9. thief stole a chicken, depilate in river side. Constabulary course, thief is busy throw chicken into the river, explain to the police: This chicken is swimming, I help it see the clothes.

10. some male enter lavatory constipation, see one person gallops suddenly and enter, instantly is wet and windy. " brother, envy you really, so fast. " " admiring what, did not take off trousers "

Some comes to 12. China foreign youth always is done do not understand " iron " and " steel " distinction. Some night he comes home very late, result door cannot be opened, be forced to cry greatly: Landlord madam, open your steel door, I am entered do not go!

13. nurse sees the patient drinks in ward, go by to exhort in a low voice say: "Careful liver! " the patient smiles: "Little baby. "Little baby..

When 14. cloth assorted inspects the Pentagon, say sadly:" The Pentagon becomes quadrilateral building. " interface of Bao power Er says: "Presidential gentleman, the Pentagon became little one horn is to turn 6 horn into the building. The Pentagon became little one horn is to turn 6 horn into the building..

15. leads go to the countryside to inspect, mayor asks the farmer calls catchword, two words after wanting to repeat only but. The leader arrived, the officer cries " put an end to go whoring " , farmer people with " go whoring! Go whoring! Go whoring!!

Invite applications for a job of 16. some company, the English name of a girl of this interview is " Spring " . The secretary is about to lend machine ostentation his English level, cry: Hi! That cries " spring " , be turn for you!
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