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TCL nature optical technology closes to Chinese color television exports increas

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The reporter learns from TCL group headquarters, by this group the natural optical technology of own research and development is in competition of market of liquid crystal TV loot first machine, undertook to principle of glow of liquid crystal TV smooth road innovates successfully, break through the technical confine that liquid crystal passivity gives off light, the visual effect that reductive out plays solely like that, captured the cosmopolitan difficult problem of liquid crystal industry. Current, the flat TV that uses this technology production is wide suffer " favorite " .

As we have learned, general liquid crystal TV is in when broadcasting bedding face to accumulate tall brightness picture, still retain constant brightness, specific power consumption is big, the picture is qualitative not clear, and very big to the stimulation of person eye, after TCL group uses natural optical technology, liquid crystal TV can undertake automatically modulatory to screen brightness not only, reduce screen brightness automatically, distinguish screen specific power consumption is reduced 54% , raise movement condition contrast and picture to pledge, reduce people effectively to watch exhaustion of section purpose eye.

The application of natural optical technology from go up at all the problem of high-energy bad news that solved liquid crystal TV, and cost is inferior. Broke the situation of hold the market of original brand of foreign capital TV successfully from particular significance, it is a on course of development of industry of TV of Chinese liquid crystal new milepost. According to TCL group relevant controller introduces, TCL nature optical technology already the liquid crystal hold that accredit gave Japan and Chinese Taiwan area produces a business, started Chinese TV trade external the precedent of technical accredit. By this technology " irrigate " the market of inside and outside of flat TV big betray one's country below, be favorred by numerous consumer.

As we have learned, TCL group regards process of internationalization of Chinese nation company as medium leading enterprise, already jumped country of be placed in the middle at present the biggest, global scope manages consume one of kind of electronic industry groups.

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