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Energy-saving method discusses wiring

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In hotel management, of the sources of energy managing already was the theme that hotel controller is being discussed ceaselessly and fumbles. And electric energy loss is one of hotel the sources of energy main bad news can one of projects. So how section report is dot of a most main attention all the time. And at present all sorts of section report products on market let a person do not know how to choose. Section report method is the method that how technical reformation uses in using electric device in the light of the hotel purpose of implementation section report, in this series in discussing, be aimed at at present the diversiform on the market successively electric method and technology undertake introductory. Welcome each colleague to undertake communicating. The homepage that can visit me: HTtp://

In product of numerous part electric equipment, all sorts of part electric equipment are unit of cable of a kind of paralell connection that applies to an useful cable system section. Check component and design through using professional twinkling to change, the twinkling in can controlling circuit electrified wire netting changes surge, improve the moving efficiency of equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. Common section cable unit has section report and the double effect that protect facility.

The implementation principle of report of the section in section report product:

1, amortize section report

Majority company states with report of perceptual kilowatt-hour meter electric power uses a case. Drive kilowatt-hour meter the size of dial moment of force, depend on the size that circuit line voltage and line electricity are cutting temporarily together in circuit. Because be in this circuit,twinkling of voltage, electric current changes is paroxysmal press too, it can cause effect at the same time at kilowatt-hour meter dish on pitching moment produces change suddenly, bring about ammeter revolution to accelerate thereby. A research of the Kenner that AILL of the journal of an association of American project institute publishs on page of the 59th 460-464 and Mr Nelm reports, the motive moment of force of dial mixes the influence sensibility kilowatt-hour meter that proves twinkling becomes can serious rotate speed, make dial happens rank jump type turn fast. Its as a result it can bring about kilowatt-hour meter to be opposite what a system uses n always is excessive and metric, this kind is excessive and metric, top range can be amounted to 30% . Use technology of amortize section cable to be able to cut off twinkling basically to become right of ammeter rank the concussion that jump type.

2, drop in temperature section report

Because transient is affected, core material makes voltaic loss increases as a result of exceeding magnetic hysteresis, the result makes sensibility laden, especially the temperature of electric machinery rises, the efficiency that use phone drops. And the interior with regular fixture is calorific will shorten the service life of equipment, raise maintenance cost. Use middleman and guarantor of section cable unit to protect circuit, can make circuit voltage (220V) clamp between 210-250V, all prep above (single-phase) the voltage aiguille of 250V all is restrained quickly, had restrained thereby pressure, make its right the influence of endmost load and whole system reduces lowest or the lightest rate.
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