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URBNHotels: Be content with environmental protection hotel of adventure

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Shanghai has so much bit luxurious hotel, and in be being built, drive in 2 0 1 0 year the new public house of practice, the both neither of U R B N H O T E L S of the guest room between only 2 6 boasts he is " high-quality goods hotel " or " small-sized design hotel " , how does it obtain the show appreciation for sb of tourists then?

What is the level that chooses a hotel? Emigrant Shanghai's old JulesKwan and ScottBarrack reply very simply, URBNHotels. The Canada that cites to cooperate to it builds the word of stylist Mr Pan, their partner is " build a public house for oneself " .

"This is one big risk probably " , before hotel start business, this thought is in JulesKwan and ScottBarrack head of brandish do not go. Shanghai has so much bit luxurious hotel, and in be being built, drove 2010 the new public house of practice, only the URBNHotels both neither of 26 guest room boasts he is " high-quality goods hotel " or " small-sized design hotel " , how does it obtain the show appreciation for sb of tourists then?

With likeness of those idea of young west traveler, the URBNHotels that they conceive Jules at first is a such hotels: The true appearance of this locality can experience in a sector of an area of downtown; Comfortable, vogue and convenience high grade house stops; Pay attention to environmental protection and can develop continuously " green " hotel... the nine the middle of a month in the past, nobody knows hotel patriarch and stylist people what to experience after all, and these sounding the thought with marvelous it doesn't matter is final translate into reality, URBNHotel becomes the public house that deserves attention for in Shanghai.

With its he goes in for sth in a large scale the new public house of building is different, the one place of URBNHotels be born out of at rubber city district factory old warehouse. Stylist people rebuilding consolidate of a lot of idea was expended in the process original building construction, rebuild successfully finally piece exciting " new " hotel -- , in-house metope and floor majority come from this locality reclaim material, if tear open the Shanghai blue bricks from old building and hardwood, the bulgy number on many bricky faces also is withheld. These your people remember the village of Ren Anyue banyan of lira of Yunnan sweet case, ever Cang Shimin resides immigrate place to be built afresh, preserve ethical former appearance also avoided fell trees all round arboreous. Although this is both the style is disparate, but the practice of environmental protection of their do one's best is likewise honorable however.

Want to know, in the past in 2007, have too much become warm about global climate the message that carbon dioxide reduces a platoon, people pays close attention to global climate more than allowing when to be awaited before. This also concerns an environment to superintend a problem not merely it seems that, the revolution of clean the sources of energy will be one of means that solve a problem, increasing domain needs clean technology, in this respect, URBNHotels made very efficient effort: In hotel design, system of traditional air conditioning by environmental protection system (WaterbasedACsystems) place is replaced, the system of this kind of air conditioning that is based on water is hurtless to the environment, its run a principle special still conduce to managing specific power consumption. Attentive guest still can discover before the window peculiar bamboo runs unit, their function depends on holding off summer strong light, also make sure enough winter sunlight is illuminated into the room, interesting is, the meeting when raining arises down bamboo drippy underwater acoustic. Even if is to cannot install rainwater lay aside to take a poll, stylist still thinks method finished the attic garden that support rainwater irrigates.
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