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Denounce endowment is believed in travel of the 1 billion spring that build soup

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Did not come 3 years two, shenzhen is believed in (group) the company will expand endowment 1 billion yuan of RMBs, make spring of benefit city soup into collect travel go vacationing, the conference is extended, hot spring recuperate, recreational live, the high end of an organic whole of religious article melt into is compound model project of travel real estate. Yesterday morning, travel of spring of benefit city soup is believed to go vacationing in village project holds start working ceremony. Group president Kong Dan is believed in China, city leadership Huang Yebin, Li Ru is begged, Chen Shi its, Huang Shifang, Huang Jinhui, Wu Weihua, Yi Jingdian, Yang Can is earthed up, Xie Shijiang is mixed.

According to the report, kong Dan says in the speech, group of the letter in China is omnibus the group that cross a state, shenzhen is believed in (group) the company is group division leaves wholy-owned subsidiary. Travel of spring of benefit city soup is believed to go vacationing in the start working construction of village project, the another body that is collaboration of bilateral and rich effect now, shenzhen of the letter in serving as district of city of farther specific benefit (group) company regional development and of management strategy stand for war a position. Shenzhen is believed in (group) company general asks according to what construction of Gao Shuiping design, high quality, efficient managing, advance this project to build with all one's strength.

Huang Yebin of secretary of municipal Party committee, li Ru of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor is begged say, letter group is an actual strength in abundant, famous the group of the large company that cross a state with degree of tall, good reputation. Benefit city is a hill good, water the city that good, development values good, person. In the past, benefit city and in the letter had good cooperative base, the knot issued deep friendship. Shenzhen of the letter in hoping heartily (group) the company regards the mainest strategy as to invest the ground benefit city, begin the collaboration of all-around, much territory, deep administrative levels. Welcome the global travelling merchant that the group believes inside in including, increase the investment such as the infrastructure in benefit city, tertiary industy to develop strength, drive benefit state city to upgrade to develop with tertiary industy, implementation mutual benefit double win.

Aperture red group is accompanied in what Huang Yebin, Li Ru begs below, visited appearance of city of the appearance of a city by helicopter.

2 billion yuan invest 7 years in benefit accumulative total

Travel of letter soup spring goes vacationing in the development target of the village is, through digging Shang Quan's long history culture, make become travel of home's famous hot spring conference to go vacationing area and international zoology are recreational living area. Go vacationing apartment of center of conference of hotel of class of top class star, international, international, nave will be built inside the village, bank lake business street and international zoology are recreational living area.
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