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Recreation of meal of sea Na Baichuan brews mutation

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Lie fallow in cate industry " influence Qingdao 2007 " in 10 important matters, meal entertainment industry has 5 selected. This second obtain 5 this when choose " important matter " , have a common characteristic, that is in namely insipid in brewing the change, meal that is affecting a citizen gradually recreation lives, these 5 important matters, let people be in casual a particular fascination that experiencing a city. New rule of Department of Commerce acquiesces in bottle to expend Department of Commerce fair 2007 佈 " meal enterprise manages a standard " , among them regulation of proclaimed in writing: Consumption of the cost between the bag, lowest, cost opening bottle will collect fees in cafeteria give in the project bright show. Since December 1, 2007, consumption of the cost opening bottle, cost between the bag, lowest will become cafeteria to collect fees publicly project. But this is not to say the businessman can borrow this to ask for these charge to consumer casually, according to new rule, if the businessman is unidentified in inn,show collection these charge, consumer is OK still refus capture; Of course, if businessman bright show collect fees, but you think unreasonable, that also changes him additionally to be in consumption only. Course of study of insular city meal accelerates outward ground to extend 2007, qingdao meal bound emerges moving an outspread tide. Group of the our city's famous meal industry beneficial friend opened a branch early or late in Beijing, Shanghai and sunshine, and accuse take-overed former by " Chinese meal 10 strong companies " the state banquet kitchen that the harbour food management that say runs; And the Japanese arrange brand that comes from Qingdao, sea of clear water Japan also established a branch in Jinan and Yantai; Ancient street other people runs success hind in the branch of Taiyuan, consider quickening outspread pace again.

Be in not outspread below the big environment that has no way out, the dilate of meal enterprise appears particularly important, because have effect of model of etiquette of outspread ability form only, reduce operation cost thereby, get more market share. The dilate of Qingdao meal enterprise, drove Qingdao meal level of management effectively to stride higher chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position not only, also let personage of more business affairs be away on official business outer, also can savour the food of style of excellent native place. Multilateral book cate is in itself of meal of insular city be current is a kind of culture, the be current of Korea arrange mirrorred the achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject of Sino-South Korean culture. In June 2007, city in relief district was held successfully " food festival of arrange of in relief Korea of 2007 Qingdao city " , attracted inn of arrange of more than 100 Korea to participate in. Current, the Korea arrange of Qingdao and Japanese arrange had appeared in each corners of Qingdao like emerge. Besides, the dining-room of French style, Italy style, southeast Asia style, South America style is ceaseless also emerge in large numbers, the osculatory opportunity that makes the citizen that lives in Qingdao promotional be changed with foreign language. The center that wash bath shuffles in succession upgrade transition once, each old flourishing a section of a highway or railway in Qingdao can see the figure of the large center that wash bath, but the development through a few years, the competition of the center that wash bath tends turn white-hot, its market management pattern is in new politics below pressure more and more hard dimension afterwards. Live to maintain, also upgrade only transition is begged changed. If the former and famous center that wash bath is Tian Chishan spring, medium the bay washs bath, Yong Ting to wait, at present forward the way of higher administrative levels develops, on the foundation that washing bath gradually to meal, number the way such as video, guesthouse develops. Those who bring people also will be more decorous serve and enjoy. Afterwards " plain food is hot " hind arisen " Hunan food is hot " if say plain dish is in before a few years,the take root of Qingdao grows is only then the word at ab extra immigrant, that Hunan dish can calculate in the development of Qingdao going up is the natural demand with exciting to cate people. Before a few years, qingdao had had Hunan food store to appear, but did not do do greatly strong. 2007, as spruce 3 Hunan are hot on Fujian river road practice, people is all-time to the enthusiasm of Hunan dish rising; And be located in Yan'an after the practice of Xuji seafood wine shop of 3 Na Duan, more the glamour that let people sense be combined by Hunan dish and seafood.
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