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Focusing travel culture reveals the culture glamour of thematic hotel

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As the bitter fleabane of Chinese tourism suddenly develops, the competition of hotel industry is intense with each passing day, the mode of traditional hotel changed a service to had not satisfied the requirement of consumer gradually. The hotel develops fractionize of progressively incline to to change, thematic hotel emerge as the times require. Promote a hotel the brand with culture atmosphere, with poor dissimilation competition comes fractionize market, make the development new way of hotel industry. However, thematic hotel is not plain literacy to add a hotel, it is with some culture content is given priority to dozen, have oneself the hotel of distinctive operation system, what basically emphasize is atmosphere. Establishing thematic public house is the high performance form that culture competes, of a successful thematic public house make, it is good that need begins to be done from design phase prepare meticulously and adjust.

Of thematic hotel roll out the history that is in abroad to already had 50 years, just begin nearly two years to appear in home, be in the market into mix for a long time fumble level, and be in area center city basically. Recently, fujian spring city with " byssus palace " the public house of town of fontal city ocean that gives priority to a problem, just finish design and each formalities to examine and approve the job, be about to begin construction construction. The project of city of fontal city ocean that this hotel place belongs to was judged to be one of projects of 10 big travel of the Fujian Province last year, the whole world is the greatest at the same time reach a network to distributing group of the vastest hotel of intercontinental of group of professional hotel management also values this project, signed with them " imperial crown holiday " hotel government contract, will provide administrative service for it after hotel building. Division of China of group of intercontinental hotel management develops price of Lin Ping of Xing of department inspector general to say, "Byssus palace " those who make is China and even world's top-ranking theme goes vacationing hotel. Why can be they obtained such good and germinant? What problem do the choice of thematic hotel and design need note?

The graph shows amorous feelings of folk-custom of Fujian spring city on pull a net to fish.

Culture, the resource that cannot duplicate

The investment of project of city of fontal city ocean square -- -- kingdom of tomorrow company president is built say, "The natural condition of marine city project and traffic condition, especially culture resource is very advantageous, so much is advantageous the element is perfect the place that ties together, do not see more on the world, suit to be taken very much do culture travel to include thematic hotel item. Suit to be taken very much do culture travel to include thematic hotel item..

The benefit that optional location of project of city of fontal city ocean turns city of state of famous city spring at travel article installs bay of bay of prefectural green hill. Light wave of delay of good slope of sand of green hill bay, water is small, it is home's rare high grade and natural bathing place, suit to do recreational go vacationing travel project. Here climate is appropriate at the same time, the plant is prosperous, lowermost month all air temperature 11 Celsius, highest month all air temperature 27 Celsius, suit a tourist to be entered all the year round, have good plant landscape, won't have seasonal off-season. Traffic is very convenient also, the spring esteems coastal big channel, benefit to esteem highway to traverse among them, periphery has Zhang spring to resemble city of railroad, spring advance river airport and airport of Xiamen Gao Qi.
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