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Top 10 million by the European Institute of Hotel Management Bachelor

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Shannon College of Hotel Management (The Shannon College of Hotel Management) was founded in 1951, the College has long been the pursuit of quality education, among the world's best hotel management college ranks. Shannon College of Hotel Management is 爱尔兰爱伦塔 Group (AerRianta) subsidiary, is also the National University of Ireland (National University of Ireland) Institute of subordinates. Shannon College of Hotel Management to follow a unique way of education, the college that the best hotel management graduates should also have a field operation, on-site guidance and training of management capacity in several areas, but also should be emphasized that students should grasp of product knowledge, business mastery of communication skills and foreign language acquisition, and several other aspects of proficiency. Shannon College of Hotel Management of the educational ideas and the rest of the world's leading hotel management school ideas coincide. Shannon College of Hotel Management in learning, students need to master more than just book knowledge, but also to participate in a number of practical activities, we are often invited from Ireland and world-renowned university lecturers to come to teach the students. Shannon while adhering to the principles of small classes, so as to make the needs of each student adequate attention by teachers. School Certificate will enjoy broad international recognition, including the following organizations are recognized: ● National University of Ireland (National University of Ireland) ● International Hotel Association (The International Hotel Association) ● Irish College of Hotel Management (The Irish Hotel and Catering Institute) ● Hotel Management Association UK (The Hotel Catering & Instititional Management Assoc. (UK) Shannon graduates obtain uniform issued by the National University of Ireland Bachelor of Commerce degree and double-Business and Hotel Management Diploma. Shannon's degree known as the European Diploma and the world one of the highest gold content, the global hotel industry giant that many graduated from here. College currently offers two degree programs for students to choose: 1) International Hotel Management Business Degree (Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management) 2) Bachelor of Business Studies (Shannon will also grant the hotel management certificate course) (Bachelor of Commerce Combined with the Shannon Diploma of International Hotel Mgmt) Note: The above two courses are five-year undergraduate degree courses, the curriculum includes, 6 semesters of study and 2 years of hotel training (skills training, internships and senior management of the primary management practice), degree awarded after graduation National University of Ireland will be awarded. Hotel-paid internship The second and fifth year students, including the Sheraton Hotel, including four-star and five internationally renowned hotel internship, minimum annual salary is not less than 15,000 euros, or about 150,000 yuan. Fees Total cost = tuition fees to study five years five years of living € 31,000 + € 8,100 € 2,200 + other costs - paid internship salary € 32,000 = € 9,300 of about 10 million RMB ≈ Entry requirements Graduated from high school, more than 17 years of age; IELTS 6.0 or successful interview by the school; IELTS score of 5.0, can enter the preparatory course of English in schools (schools with 25 weeks and 30 weeks of preparatory courses, start dates are every year in November.)