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Guangzhou Green Parties will double the size of special equipment exhibition de

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Chinese hotel supplies industry's largest high-quality industry event - the ninth Guangzhou International Hotel Equipment & Supplies Fair (HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2011) will be held June 30, 2011 -7 2 May in Guangzhou. Pazhou. China into Export Commodities Fair Complex grand debut. Investment is carried out in the breeze hot show, the industry leading exhibitors, attracted strong development momentum exhibition, exhibitors representing a new record high. Show will once again achieve new beyond, will be China and Asia's most important industry event of hotel supplies, hotel supplies to the world of China, China World Hotel supplies into the bond and bridge. Green Parties in Guangzhou Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a professional manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment, its size in South China the largest and most professional of the order counter, fresh cabinet manufacturers, there are display cabinets, fresh refrigerator, order cabinet, tea cabinet, air curtain cabinets, island cabinets, hot and cold deli counter, frost-free room small refrigerator, wine cooler and other products, widely used in supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels and other professional establishments. HOSFAIR Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition fixed held each year by the end of June, and adhere to international, brand, long-term direction of the exhibition, the exhibition scale has increased, the effect of year after year. Guangzhou Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Green Parties in addition to some large supermarket chains with the domestic co-convenience stores, most of Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other international markets, the Government of Cuba has become a freezer designated procurement, designated manufacturers. Green Parties for exhibitors participating in Guangzhou experienced positive interactions with the organizers before the show, prepared ahead of June 2010, the eighth hotel show satisfactory results. Enrollment in 2011 show the beginning of the ninth to double the area of Guangzhou, the Green Parties of 72 square meters of exhibitors, strong cooperation between the two work together again, regardless of the Exhibitor in advance to seize market opportunities, seize the initiative in the market, developing the international market or organized unit of attention "Exhibitors", "highlight the characteristics of the international exhibition" are very coincides with ... ... Looking forward to more exciting new products and professional buyers at home and abroad come to visit us live!