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"After 90" hotel waitress to "10 after" throwing his daughter down the stairs

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6 o'clock yesterday morning, tour the old Fuxi 27, a residential area, as coincides with the Sunday, many people still in their sleep. Even the weekend, Xu aunt lived upstairs, or get up early as usual, cleaning cooking. "Bang", and suddenly the sound ring, then the sound of rolling objects. "It's like a ball rolling." Thought Is a wild cat on the roof naughty, Xu aunt did not care and continue to porridge. Just add a spoonful of water, the ear is faint sound of crying babies, very shallow, very weak, on and off. There was a series of sounds wake of several families, few have heard the wake of the movement ran out of the house. Can appear in front of them, but it is a baby covered in blood. Open the window and saw two little feet There are two-story residential buildings, the west is a small building is only one layer of the housing. "Inside there was a child, also, is still alive!" A young man down the guidelines, residents have found between the two houses, four or five centimeters caught in between, a small baby, is curled up in a pile of debris above Faint crying sound, baby whole body naked, covered in blood. "How to throw the children here, ah?" "Is definitely the first thrown on the roof, slid down along the slope of the roof." On the second floor, a resident found a layer of high asbestos roof, blood hearted. The first to discover the child is a small Chung, Chung is a small migrant workers, rental here. At 6 pm, Konaka sleepy, drowsily heard the asbestos roof on the upstairs "Boom", and then came out of the window, "whining" sound. Originally thought it was a wild cat, but "Yi Yi Ya Ya" sound in the ear Lingering, lingering. Konaka get up, looked out the window sideways, turned out to be greeted by two bare little feet, the earth is still kept. He hurried out of the room, ran to the window and see, but found a whole body Blood of young infants, the face of the residents came to hear the movement, he began stammering presentation. Girl thrown to students in this building The gap is too narrow, ordinary people can not go, residents could do nothing. At this time, thank the master after hearing the news. About 40-year-old teacher is the plot thank the staff of the east ventilation points. Heard the baby fall, apart from anything else ran over, caught aboard the drilling sideways. Fortunately, Master Xie slim body, just to squeeze in, and soon the child hold out a little baby girl, the math has been frozen in the cold For nearly two hours, feeling cold. Almost simultaneously, the Office of Bangladesh near the property master wrapped with cotton to the baby, "Quick, my office has air conditioning, warmer inside, otherwise the child is in danger!" A few minutes later, the police subsequently arrived on the scene, and the baby to Children's Hospital. Baby falls in the two-story rented room, the scene, police found a 90 young mothers, and then sent to the First Hospital of maternal Treatment. Fortunately, residents endless, have speculated, may be newborn bone soft, asbestos roof and The gaps in the debris from the buffer, it is not killed instantly. "The children who still blood, should be born." But the baby should be born in a hospital care unit, how will appear in this area, and being dropped? Some residents said that the second floor of a young woman The child dropped. Subsequently, the reporter learned that the child is indeed a young woman rented the second floor of the production floor, she dropped the child. "The house is a rental unit down when the dormitory, the dormitory where she give birth to their children their own Came to life this woman is really it! "Said a nearby resident. Afternoon, the Children's Hospital, news came that the baby is currently in serious condition, suffered multiple fractures, brain skull with congestion, surgery has been done, yet 度过危险期, currently in ICU intensive care unit. Postpartum women threw Suspected "feeling frustrated" That she threw the child! 11 o'clock yesterday morning, the First Hospital maternity ward, a woman pale, extreme physical weakness, being here for treatment. "This is the baby's mother." Alleged This woman is no physical abnormalities, but had just given birth, the body is weak, you need to convalesce. It is understood that the mothers are migrant workers, under way in the white waitress in a hotel, on weekdays on the second floor living in this compound, a small building. "Had often seen, very beautiful, dressed up with a relatively stylish, but does not speak to each other." Residents said that women on weekdays and out with my colleagues, no outsider entered the yard with the other . Women and colleagues together, seems quite happy, never heard of any unhappy things. "I heard her spirits a little abnormal, feeling frustrated." Hospital, a care worker told reporters the woman was pregnant, her boyfriend has been reluctant to admit that "labor front has suddenly disappeared." Thus, women stretch of , In dormitories have the child down, then threw it down upstairs. As of press time, the Children's Hospital still rescue the injured girl, mother of the child in police surveillance.