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Industry of hotel of develop of force of poem of Shanghai elegant cabinet digitl

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Investment of hotel of poem of Shanghai elegant cabinet manages Zhu Jianmin of limited company president to expressed yesterday, shanghai is only now of 10% in hotel of high-grade star class installed digitlization system, the market space that hotel industry informatization and digitlization transform is vast.

Elegant cabinet poem is a high-tech company that provides information management system and information technically to seek advice from a service for hotel industry. This company announced yesterday, make garden of old science and technology with Shanghai riverside of limited company, favour wisdom (flying benefit riverside) semiconductor limited company reachs collaboration, the company is based on its core technology " farsighted nucleus " the machine of an organic whole of TV computer VOD of research and development obtained letter of patent of 3 states level recently.

At present elegant cabinet poem rolls out " system of digital hotel guest room " had been in east restaurant of outskirt guesthouse, peace, build the hotel of Gao Xing class such as state guest house to apply.