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The hotel holds round net in the arms to go up to sell the representative on the

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On December 17, tens of domestic hotel groups and collective of hundreds economy hotel " embrace a group " , the mode that tries to go up to be sold continuously with hotel net, to challenge of the agent on the net. " Beijing recreation believes a newspaper " if quote So-Hotel hotel sells Liu Zhigang of network vice president continuously " if pass traditional hotel to book a website to book a room, every room night wants at least additional pay 100 yuan - 200 yuan intermediary cost; Press present market size computation, because of what the hotel books a website this is planted " take commission " , the loss with Chinese annual consumer has 2 billion at least! " 17 days, tens of home country are famous hotel group, and the straight autograph that sell a network makes an appointment with the hotel delegate of more than 300 economy hotel and So-Hotel hotel, at the same time the autograph makes an appointment with still the website below Alibaba and its banner cleans out treasure net, Sohu net, old standard net, from this, relevant enterprise " embrace a group " , try to sell pattern continuously with what book on hotel net, antagonism is agent of the hotel on the representing's net with carrying Cheng and E dragon.

But as direct as consumer bargain

Some hotel sells chief inspector to express, the hotel sells mode to follow continuously like cleaning out treasure, it is a platform that can trade face-to-face for both sides. In fact, the network representative before this has become the sale channel with very important hotel. This personage discloses, " order the commission of the room successfully to be guest room price normally every time at present 15% to 20% , this is the burden of consumer not only, the hotel also can'ts bear heavy burden. " Liu Zhigang says, book besides the hotel outside, still will involve economy hotel, conference, banquet, recreation the domain such as health body. " each hotel can reveal his directly to consumer all products and service project, till as direct as consumer bargain finishs consumption. "