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China help force Langfang nature for 3Com hotel network upgrades

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"Good network " , contend for for the hotel " star "

As the arrival of broadband informatization times, and of concept of hotel of intelligent business affairs put forward, the key that hotel industry competes already turned to the competition of the service from the competition of hardware, each are big hotel the level of Wu of service consciousness kimono that cudgel one's brains for will come to raise his. Big public house uses Heibei Langfang day China the product that is 3Com(abbreviation H3C) built network of hotel interior office, current, this network stabilizes reliable application to helped day of big public house attract more clients, also jump a body for the hotel " 5 stars " cavalcade laid a foundation.

Project setting:

The day is big the hotel is the 4 stars class with omnibus, first modernization of Langfang city, all ready function restaurant of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, be saved to appoint the astral class hotel that recieves for the Olympic Games by Heibei. To accord with the high quality requirement that Beijing Olympic Games recieved 2008, the day is big the hotel must be transformed by hotel of 4 stars class for hotel of 5 stars class. Be located in the big public house of business affairs surely as, the construction that big public house hopes to adopt network platform mixes the day transform help hotel to achieve the goal that upgrades to 5 stars, help hotel establishs the fundamental platform of the advanced business affairs that faces an Olympic Games hotel.

The project builds demand:

To accord with the high level of hotel of 5 stars class, this the network transforms need technology of the will most advanced intelligent floor space and union of photograph of hotel functional requirement, the respect such as conference of room, business affairs is ordered to realize intelligence to change entirely to the guest in hotel management, meal management, make the service of the hotel produces qualitative change thereby, promote individuation, intelligence the brand-new height that change, build the intelligent number public house that faces future finally.

Specific will tell, the demand of the informatization with current public house has gone to those who be based on a network from pure online development higher omnibus demand. At present according to the hotel advanced business affairs hotel mixes 5 stars class face 2008 the fixed position of the Olympic Games, network solution needs to wait for much professional work from high-powered, high reliable, high security, multimedia application the many sided such as support, manageable sex will design and plan.

The network builds content:

This second network is designed, mature mix redundantly to the tall bandwidth of the network, link all-around safety design, and the conformity of data center, wireless cover demand completely, whole designs as follows:

According to the construction of the hotel target and network storied design train of thought, the broadband net cent of the hotel is mixed for core receive 2 develop to attack framework, use thousand backbone core and hundred systematic framework to the desktop, hotel information center namely the core double machine that network core used two S8505 road to build high-powered Gao Ke to lean by switching equipment compose heats up equipment, two are passed between S8505 double machine thousand bind high speed to interrelate, supportable upgrade to interconnection of ten thousand backbone. Floor is received use switching equipment of S3928P safe intelligence to pass two thousand fiber-optic the two two deploy means that double machine of S8505 of core of the first line of a couplet on a scroll parts after binding.
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