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Exchange is current bank of first fictitious meal appears

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On December 28, credence of Beijing Hua Huijun banquet assures limited company (abbreviation Hua Huijun banquet) hand in hand consumption of Chinese silver-colored couplet and word of international top progression blocks a company -- France Suodisi announces in Beijing, what China builds first times for consumer is fictitious " meal bank " -- Jun Yanka appears formally, the Hua Huijun banquet that is main function with meal intermediary service becomes the first " meal agent " .

Fourth towering like a mountain peak introduces general manager of Hua Huijun banquet, the company is obtained inferior couplet is noted endowment and the consumptive service company that gives priority to with 1000 Yu Jiayi meal comes to an agreement. The most important in the agreement is means of completely odd discount, and integral whole nation tells exchange general. Hold calorie of person to make an appointment with meal business spending to be able to enjoy completely odd discount in the autograph namely, the discount returns the person that hold card with integral means, and integral can be used as cash not only, and OK and general. As we have learned, hua Huijun banquet returns as postal as China of Oriental Yin Anhe collaboration, the system that adopts them is directional hairpin, the plan is issued in Beijing 150 thousand get stuck to 200 thousand pieces, the meeting inside 3 years is issued in the whole nation 2 million get stuck to 3 million pieces.