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Unscramble the SamSung phenomenon that product of hotel industry video purchases

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Current, be in " travel " with " business affairs " below the action with two big tensile spending, whole of Chinese hotel industry presents the state that gives rapid growth, at the same time course of study also is faced with traditional hotel to upgrade. And the position of new center of world business affairs, the international business activity that makes hold increasingly grow in quantity, this more bring enormous pressure to shunt of internationalization, informatization to hotel industry. Among them, hotel guest, especially business affairs guest, to representing brand image, reflect upgrade video equipment demand of the function is higher and higher, the TV product of big screen, high definition makes the video terminal that favors by its. Especially as 2008 the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, "Hookup of high-definition Olympic Games " had become project of figure of hotel industry whole, the video establishment with necessary hotel also must follow closely " Olympic Games " standard.

So, with what standard hotel industry ought to select video product?

"Ought to say, hotel industry user of China is on the choice of video product already rational with each passing day. The price, had been critical factor no longer. The service of the quality of the product and technology, manufacturer and brand, it is a lot of hotels are in what the place when executive product is purchased pays close attention to particularly now. This namely the main reason that manufacturer of a few international begins to cut a figure in hotel industry domain. " an expert inside course of study points out so.

Sincere be like his place character, user of industry of the reform of hotel industry, hotel manages the change of the concept, gave outstanding video equipment supplier the chance that cuts a figure in Chinese hotel industry. 2006, the global electron industry that is a delegate with SamSung is banner enterprise, had built strategic partner to concern with very much large public house or hotel group. Somebody purchases the video product of hotel industry in the agitation of the partner that chooses to have product connotation and company intention, call 2006 " SamSung " phenomenon. Really, the SamSung success in hotel industry experience, deserve the integral sex attention of hotel industry, can consult for manufacturer of other advanced position with draw lessons from.

Technical husband & serves assume leadership to be hotel industry act according to actual circumstances

Mention technical reformation, a case that must mention is the collaboration of SamSung and hotel of Jing Lijing of Beijing Wang Fu. To taking the beautiful brilliant hotel of supplier technology maturity seriously character, samSung changes the breakthrough of technical reformation respect to be able to say in hotel TV human nature is a respect that they take a fancy to most. SamSung hotel is special the banner level that TV has industry in clone technology respect, broke TV of average public house to be able to be in only congener (namely the confine of the clone between LCD and LCD, PDP and PDP) , can realize different and phyletic TV -- namely LCD and PDP mutual -- clone. In addition, samSung hotel TV supports port of some side buy multimedia, the basic need that can satisfy industry user multimedia to show and with other multimedia equipment interrelate, promoted the service of the hotel effectively quality and service class.
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