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Vista is formal a hair whole world is exclusive hotel of 7 stars class

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It is reported, microsoft was in yesterday the whole world is exclusive hotel of class of a 7 stars -- BurjAlArab(is located in enlighten do obeisance to) , announce to roll out the money is the thirdly most serious new software product -- WindowsVista, Office2007 and ExchangeServer2007.
"WindowsVista and Office2007 office system are the product with the most distinguished Microsoft, represented gain of the scientific research with old Microsoft, development. " AliFaramawy of vice president of area of Microsoft Europe, middle east, Africa expresses, "These products are in help enterprise user advancement gallops in new information world, increase integral cooperation, communicate, administrative ability, improve information system efficiency. Improve information system efficiency..
Microsoft was releasing the spot to undertake Vista and Office2007 demonstrate, attracted the person that look around in great quantities. Release formally this also is Microsoft WindowsVista first.