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Live long word broadband uses the public house casually

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A few days ago, the informatization of hotel of Sichuan province guesthouse that saves tourism bureau and Sichuan to save telegraphic limited company to hold by Sichuan is advanced and " hotel information is perfect the service is allied " the congress that give a shop sign is in big public house of hot spring of national capital of wild duck of lukewarm Jiang Yu holds Chengdu. Complete province is bureau of tourism of 21 city state, telegraphic company delegate and hotel of guesthouse of close a hunderd schools attended plenary meeting, tens of homes join in the hotel signs allied pact on behalf of the spot, obtain promulgate " hotel information is perfect the service is allied " mark card.

As we have learned, "Hotel information is perfect the service is allied " it is to pass speech, data, image to wait for informatization carrier, face a hotel to live the guest is offerred integratedly " long word is hit casually, the broadband is used at will, information is checked along with the heart " information serves, this will raise guesthouse hotel informatization to apply a standard greatly. End at present, complete province already had 122 hotels to join this alliance, 2126 guest room opened news service.