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Gout of charity of hotel of banyan foreign capital is cross-country contest

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Recently, cross-country contest is in the 2nd beneficent interest that by Fuzhou big public house of sweet case lira holds the park holds the Jiang Bin austral the Fuzhou with pretty scenery. This the activity attracted Fuzhou enterprise of numerous China and foreign countries in all of 32 teams attend, aim to promote enterprise society responsibility, for " care children " money of constituent collect be apt to, home of help of in order to's homeless orphan people the sky that maintains a love, the warmth of pick up family. This the activity adds up to collect arrives RMB of money of be apt to 64, 000 yuan.

Shortly of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this year sign up also all the more eagerly, take part in the match the enterprise exceeded greatly first beneficent gout is cross-country 2006 contest, covered dress, make, education, hairdressing, bank reachs the numerous industry such as content shedding, scale is larger than previous term or session. Mr Cai Zhonglin says general manager of big public house of lira of Fuzhou sweet case: "I hope beneficent gout is cross-country the great event of charity of a year that contest can become Fuzhou mainland, the love company that allows Fuzhou can pass society of this platform redound, fulfil the obligation that enterprise citizen should use up. Every take part in the match the team all is comprised by 5 team member, every athlete surrounds park 2, the overall length that finish spends the leg that is 5 kilometers. Differ with average athletics sex race, what beneficent gout cross-country race advocates is a kind relaxed and lively, additional kind of exaggerated match style, encourage every to take part in the match team design takes part in the match catchword, the dress with dress distinct at the same time personality gives competition. What be worth to be carried particularly is, 3 when sponsor big public house of lira of square Fuzhou sweet case to expedite this year take part in the match team, it is to wearing what pumpkin takes respectively " green demon " team, move of box of environmental protection hard paper " environmental protection is preterhuman " team and super act insane cure to protect personnel and patient without li head " emergency treatment team " . These actor's costumes that are full of originality and team member people serious exaggerated deduced all without exception to add infinite gout element to the activity that day, the joyous laugh that has those hot season here, in cheering sound and bosomy applause, river bank park became a happy ocean in an instant south. In concluding ceremonially, general manager Cai Mr Zhong Lin of big public house of lira of Fuzhou sweet case with one's own hands the fund of be apt to that this beneficent gout cross-country contest collect reachs adds up to RMB 64, 000 yuan of total number were donated come to what banyan attends this grand meeting on a special trip " care children " public relations of constituent China area and agency director Miss Zhang Huijun. The beneficent orgnaization that care children tissue is in Chinese inland, Hong Kong, United States and England to be registered formally as, its job core is in China, pursue job of extended family fosterage, be dedicated to going to the children leave in the care of that grows in orphanage local family, let them enjoy excellent warmth. This orgnaization was in love project settle Shanghai first 1998, the country is the poorest in already helping 14 up to now the suffers misfortune because of all sorts of reasons children of province. Since 2005, group of hotel of sweet case lira and headquarters are set in Beijing, cooperate with Chinese government " care children " organization hand in hand, through the guest the means such as room of conference of charity of contributory, assistance begins charities.
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