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The company culture of Baidu

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The company culture of Baidu

Core Values of Baidu core value

Offer the most convenient information to get way for people

This is the prime basis that Baidu exists.

Baidu pursues better search technology enthusiasticly, pursuit brings best search experience to the netizen, pursuit offers the most convenient information to get way for people.

Baidu thinks interconnection China provides seasonable, substantial information just about, provide best online experience for the netizen, the way of life that changes people is a mission.

Maintain poineering enthusiasm forever

This is the poineering culture foundation of Baidu.

The poineering style of Baidu hardworking and thrifty proposes every Baidu person can favourable geographical position of the biggest effectiveness uses resource, everything is dedicated at target and result, the form with costly and rather than.

Baidu do one's best preserves this kind of concise company culture, no matter henceforth Baidu how develop and expand, the sort of does not have unnecessary and overelaborate formalities stripe agreement that can carry poineering period with the passion with long constant, compressed organization structure, efficient and decision-making means that directs with eventuate.

Each days are in progress

This is the character culture foundation of Baidu.

Baidu company and employee have the fine quality that pursues progress and development ceaselessly, sum up the past ceaselessly, the pursuit of never-ending promotion. Not was equal to future in the past, no matter how our past is glorious, we still need centuple effort ground to be for higher tomorrow end struggle.

We believe study is the basic approach that we promote self-worth, baidu person faces the challenge of the competitive crisis of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye with responsible to ego study manner.

Patient failure, encourage innovation

This is the innovation culture foundation of Baidu.

Baidu person has active innovation state of mind, we are happy to innovate, dare to innovate.

Indeed, trying medium failure is responsible, it is responsible perfect ceaselessly. But to the setback in innovation process and risk, baidu person can induce from inside failure summary experience, draw a lesson from which, try indomitably ceaselessly and explore; This also is based on Baidu company just about can the chance that the person that with including ground manner gives an attempt improves.

Sufficient credit, equality communication

This is the communication culture foundation of Baidu.

The communication means of Baidu is open forever, mix directly effective, the with openness accord that just can have deal with concrete matters relating to work thereby acts.

Baidu is the company of a sufficient accredit, on each levels of Baidu management, be correct and decision-making premise with accredit, responsibility and good communication, fulfil each decision-making job with the spirit of deal with concrete matters relating to work.
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