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How to defeat solution company culture " password " ?

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How to defeat solution company culture " password " ?

After a lot of people find new job, cannot live in new company, the reason cannot get used to company culture namely medium " go regular " . Held recently " future does not have forum of care manpower capital " on, how does expert of administration of resource of numerous company labor power defeat solution company culture " password " , manpower resource management was faced with the problem such as what kind of predicament to spread out development to discuss.

Company culture key is in " root ministry "

Element history overcomes Ge Lan (China) Zhang Guowei of chief inspector of resource of vice president of area of investment limited company, manpower thinks, a lot of people arrive inside the enterprise the reason that cannot live, in cannot getting used to company culture namely " go regular " . Company culture has 3 arrangement, can construct with model of a water lily. Most above what often can see is " flower " and " leaf " , the constituent construction that says normally namely, frame, system and a few flow; The 2nd part is " stalk " part, it is the viewpoint of value that publishs normally, mission, purpose and behavior standard; The 3rd part is to be gotten only silty of li of ability discovery " " , namely intuition of all sorts of subliminal, idea that regard assume sth as a matter of course as and go regular. Very much new employee should ask old stuff to have a meal in a few companies, hope old stuff gives directions not to let his drop namely " thunder " in, this " thunder " go namely regular.

The secret of company culture, the employer that how builds the company to be able to be trusted for a long time by the person that employee perhaps will become employee namely. Employee just can abandon his short-term profit following a company to go for a long time in this enterprise, this is company culture " password " . Accordingly, whether the root ministry that the essence of company culture is this flower was full of equal, esteem, accredit, collaboration and share. Dug company culture is can long, should dug its " root ministry " it is healthy.

Manpower resource management encounters predicament

What predicament does manpower resource management encounter? Organization of stage accumulating report and talent development deputy director general collect month thinks, these predicament basically come from " congenital " and " acquired " two much. From a priori for, the first it is manpower resource management forecasts a gender very low, same thing is put in different company, different culture to have distinct effect, put in different person to have distinct effect even, be not so put all the whole word and all allow; The 2nd be " Shuang Renjian " effect, if performance is evaluated,do not do can become " mess " , did likely " the fine that kill a fault civilian " , the influence cooperates; The 3rd it is spilt water cannot be gathered up again, resource of major labor power is decision-making without the road back to one's former position, do can form " legal precedent " .
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