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Shallow talk about hotel company culture

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Build the fundamental pattern of personalized hotel culture, nothing more than transmission of fixed position of ideal forerunner, culture, culture, perfect development.

Ideal forerunner needs to begin from the connotation that holds hotel culture correctly above all. Hotel culture is to show the hotel is in long-term management practice, breed gradually, hold dominant position, the summation of the company viewpoint of value that be agreed with for faculty place and abides by, spirit of enterprise, management concept and behavior standard, its content comprises corporeal culture, behavior culture and system culture, still have the hotel spirit culture that is in core position. Hotel spirit culture is deciding the corporeal culture of the hotel, behavior culture and system culture, it is the superstructure of hotel company.

The connotation that holds hotel culture education also made clear culture fixed position. When undertaking hotel culture is built, most crucial is pair of hotel spirit culture is accurate affirmatory, rich collects the length of numerous home, be used for me, the experience of culture of advanced company of the good part in comprising Chinese traditional culture, abroad.

To make hotel culture can thorough popular feeling, when undertaking culture travels, basically apply those who develop hotel manager to hang down model action and hotel the effect effect of flower model character, in order to enhance the enterprise consciousness of hotel staff, build perfect hotel culture network, use hotel culture carrier and major event to have transmission, establish good hotel figure.

In undertaking hotel culture is built, to avoid gross error, want to undertake in time summing up correction, perfect the content of hotel culture ceaselessly. If say " mental culture " if showing abstraction a bit, shape hotel culture so meticulously " form " with " god " opposite figure a few -- the hotel resembles a person same, "Form " and " god " each are not identical, about and behavior are different, what kind of manager has what kind of company. Of Beijing " king of face of fried bean sauce " and " copy board " different, "Inn of dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat " and " restaurant of sweet case lira " differ for certain.

The hotel is like a person, have a name, or cry " brand " . And the brand is changed those who tell is not the inn name on common sense, it is a concept that the name optimizes, from form to the god, arrive from the exterior connotation can please at consumer, win capacious hotel substance in the market. Tell from this meaning, renown hotel of China is honest too little. Want to strengthen the company culture construction of the hotel, must understand the intention of company culture, exert oneself clutchs its core, make meticulously, excelsior.

To Chinese hotel company and hotel market, the force of hotel culture basically affects expression to come out through entrepreneur and the behavior of professional handler. So hotel culture should be the group of employee profession concept that includes entrepreneur inside, be business history accumulate the inheritance with the ceremony, it is market competition and the moral base that run an industry, core soul is the innovation spirit of entrepreneur. This kind of spirit includes the culture be sentimentally attached to of this pair of nations, our region, right the person that go delivers the care from the heart, and the strategy that annals puts Gao Yuan invests behavior. The hotel is a society, of the history, belong to him entrepreneur not only; In historical endless flow, what we can do is explore human culture with his innovation hard with all possible means the possibility to gradual progress, spirit of this kind of innovation still includes hotel entrepreneur to should regard his part as profession is not position.
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