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Shallow talk about Chinese hotel culture

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Chinese hotel culture is with ethical article melt into insides information, it is the one part of Chinese company culture, in establish of our country socialist market economy after the basic frame of characteristic configuration, in order to comply with market economy demand, the not congenial public house that various places should carry and builds and management manage mode, in a steady stream ceaselessly fill is worn the content with Chinese hotel new job. The hotel culture that regards hotel economy as highest expression form rises to surface gradually, hotel culture basically has 3 respects content: It is the hotel management concept that regards core as the part and viewpoint of value; 2 it is the hotel that comes out now with style of different management pattern the organization is formed and match each responsibility system to it; 3 it is can sufficient reveal hotel oneself the employee conduct means of good figure.

One, found culture of Chinese characteristic hotel, it is the motive power that urges hotel industry to develop progress. What be used to as a result of passion of our national condition, public feelings, language and area custom is different, make when we are managing a hotel, can unvarnished immobile copies both neither the hotel management pattern of western country, also cannot the hotel management method that overall imitates Asian other country. Because the meaning of hotel culture is told from a flank, representing the form of people of a country. Go up to to exotic nation experience is drawn lessons from benignantly and be inducted in traditional culture foundation only, found the hotel culture of this nation, what just can develop Chinese hotel culture is perfect. Say from this, the market economy of Chinese characteristic was brought to us found the chance of culture of ethical public house and space. Should clarify above all, hotel culture is not pure it is the management resource on some kind of meaning configure and optimize. The element that its since hotel manages, it is Chinese company culture in important inferior culture. It is the overall development that accompanies national economy and active development rises, have striking times feature.

2, hotel culture is a hotel of intangible value reflect. Develop as the development of socialist market economy, make people sees more clearly, the taking of hotel economic benefits, depend on the optimizes staff of configuration, hotel initiative of resource of manpower of the intangible assets of a hotel, hotel and creativity and the cohesive affinity of the spirit that respect property, hotel whole and centripetal force. Because be core with collective viewpoint of value, can develop hotel whole form adequately, implementation hotel is short-term the hotel culture of the consistency purpose of target and long-term program and employee code of conduct, with respect to the motive power that can enhance a hotel to develop. The tentative idea if the hotel cultural lag of a hotel the hardware environment at oneself modernization hotel, so the integral actual strength of the hotel is sure to be weakened greatly, the government of the hotel is entered easily also exhaustion manages and repeat onefold operational error, the development of hotel of undoubted meeting block up. Scientific hotel management way manages a concept with what commercialize, should be to be in induct, draw lessons from and form gradually on the foundation of summary, it is a hotel taller, more the 2 class motivation of lead. In passing this kind of precious intangible assets the course that is changed at specific practice only, ability makes hotel cohesive affinity and centripetal force increase ceaselessly, become a public house the core of collective viewpoint of value, so, the advancement that the hotel just is achieving oneself goal holds vane correctly in the process, shape up.
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