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Company culture pre-test- - golden island hotel (hotel elegant demeanour)

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"Jin Dao " , one lets familiar to the ear of person of Zhongshan, suitable heart can the name of detailed. "Jin Dao " it is a hotel, and it is one invests many yuan 5000, implement scale quite, on the hotel of class, however a lot of people that did not visit its land think it is unit of a culture, because it devotes oneself to to build a kind of decorous company culture to have the reason of contribute quite for years,this is probably. And all these, undoubted more with the Jin Dao that having deep elegant culture complex hotel general manager multitudes be closely bound up of gentleman of a surname brightness.

Begin to establish from 94 years since Jin Dao, goosefoot always emphasizes at company culture breed and build. Golden island practice when, be hotel industry gradually hasten low ebb when. Should stand in the person of the same trade sufficient, goosefoot always him pressure is very great also before ─ ─ , he has made seafood boat food only, to true hotel management is managed still inexperienced. But he is an academic and aspirant person, make a written guarantee very wide, the interest is very much. He drew the essence of culture of domestic and international advanced company, introduce harbor type to manage, pay attention to employee quality education at the beginning. He is contributive let high-level administrator learn hotel management, trade, public relations, money to be able to wait for case of three-year institution of higher learning to teach course, send them to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot to Hong Kong study. And he himself, take the lead in attending what business management, public relations learns to teach by correspondence study. More important is, he falls in the help of cultural circles friend, the development fixed position the hotel is building him on the company culture of distinctive color. Outside loving the goosefoot of calligraphy art to always collect master of a person of academic or artistic distinction except oneself, often still invite home of painting and calligraphy to coach the worker uses calligraphy of off hours study, brushwork to wait; He still opened the library inside inn, collect books at present nearly 10 thousand, include a few kinds of the press, magazine to wait, still hold the post of full-time library administrator with a person. This makes inside the hotel be permeated with a kind of good academic and aspirant general mood for a long time. Adopt culture education and education, hotel staff quality rises ceaselessly, the cohesive affinity of the enterprise also increases ceaselessly; Pressed astral class hotel to the standard carries out modernization management in the round and lay solid thinking and talent foundation further for the hotel thereby.

As Jin Dao's development, jin Dao is in people heart already with city inside (still have suitable heart city) hotel of class of a few large heavenly bodies argues year. To raise one's wine cup the company culture grade of inn raises higher administrative levels, goosefoot always was shut gain profit quite the electronic game unit room of abundant, rebuild collect a house for master of Chinese calligraphy a hunderd schools, he himself holds the post of curator in person, at the same time contributive support exhibits and collect work of 100 calligrapher of Chinese. "Jin Dao " this action achieved our country private enterprise denounce endowment does an exhibition, give the book, record that collects curiosa of so much calligraphy, get a lot of domestic and internationally knowing the admiration of a personage. Famous caricature artist just became Zhongshan book to interview goosefoot technically in Beijing always, wield his writing brush the picture gives, in order to show encourage; Do not be about to join famous calligraphy of the honorary president of Chinese calligrapher association that exhibit, our country originally everybody opens result gentleman to also defeated example book to join exhibit; In addition, the work of hundreds painting and calligraphy that Jin Dao collected a house to still collect elder brother of Dong Shouping, Liao Bing, Wu Zuguang, Lai Shaoji, Ding Cong to wait for home of big painting and calligraphy, celebrity. Meanwhile, regard an enterprise as culture partially, jin Dao supports social welfare cause actively, ceng Juan money supports travel of many 10 thousand people and city " social morals 4 words song " troupe, still support a cultural worker to hold an individual energetically exhibition, give a book to wait a moment. Come a few years, jin Dao is in culture and millions of capital of defray of social commonweal respect yuan.
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